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Scenic, but with a price
Star Rating - 12/28/2009
This little town is nestled in thick green forests of Gold Country. The weather is warm most of the year, with only light rain in winter. Some snow, but very little ice. For shopping there is almost nothing (unless you love KMart), requiring a trip down the hill to Auburn (about 15 miles) and the restaraunts are just average (in quality, the prices are sky high). Grass Valley and next door Nevada City are very historic, with lots of architecture and relics from California's gold rush. Unfortunately, the negatives mostly outweigh the positives for this area. Cost of living is ridiculous; homes less than fifty years old are almost all well over $300 K. That's why you'll see tons of little shacks on tiny plots all over town (even on main street). Traffic is bad because it's California, and also the roads are old, small, worn out and badly designed (get used to cars backed up through three or four stoplights). The whole town seems carved out of the hilly forests, so everything is squeezed in (many houses and places of business have their front doors less than ten feet from the street). The surrounding forests are also a haven for the criminal element. Anti-government survivalist types waiting for the apocolypse and druggies cooking meth are pretty common. Residents seem either very wealthy (to afford the ridiculous homes) or very poor (who live in the shacks). Also, young people between the ages of 18-28 seem an endangered species; mostly its families with young children or retirement aged. Sacramento is only an hour to the west, Reno 90 minutes to the east. If you don't mind paying for the beauty and suffocating in the crowds and traveling long distance for shopping and entertainment, then maybe you can handle Grass Valley.
frank | Grass Valley, CA
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Becki, I lived in Grass Valley for a year and a half. Went to movies at the Del Oro downtown, or at the Magic City Theatre in Nevada City. Sound familiar to you? Or did you not notice those parts of Grass Valley either? If you've never seen crowds in Grass Valley then you're blind, because they're there most weekends. And just so you know, when you see those ultra skinny guys in dirty clothes with sores on their faces, they're meth users and they're not hard to spot in the area. But I'm sure you didn't notice that either. But I'm sure Grass Valley is ideal for you; Kmart for shopping and Mountain Mikes for fine dining.
frank | Kennewick, WA | Report Abuse

Jeez. I live in Grass Valley and I've never actually noticed traffic or any "havens for the criminal element," I have also never met a survivalist or really heard of a lot of meth cooking. There are plenty of twenty-somethings here and I've never actually "suffocated in a crowd," nor even really seen a crowd here. Guess you reviewed a place you haven't actually been to. Good job.
Becki | Rough and Ready, CA | Report Abuse
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