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Not So Attractive
Star Rating - 10/1/2010
To Be Honest about Medford,Its Should Be Called "Meth"ford, Its a Dump.. Crime is Rising, there are Illegals Everywhere. Cant Find a Decent Job Anywhere. Summers are Stifling, There Really isn't a thing about Medford that Makes it a Nice Place, The Best Part about Medford is Leaving It"."
Mike | Medford, OR
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I always hate when people bash a place with generalities and NO FACTS! I have never been to Medford but the crime rates are VERY LOW compared to national average as is the Hispanic population estimates (which include illegals), and unemployment is average! So exactly, and I do mean exactly, how is it that crime is rising, illegals everywhere, and no jobs when all statistics say just the opposite? Maybe somebody should read the 1st 3 words of their post and take it to heart instead of doing just the opposite.
jon | Pueblo, CO
- 10/27/2019
Beware of Sociopathville
Medford - the city that could have been. Unfortunately it's a noise-pollution fest. The ci...
James | Medford, OR | No Replies

- 9/21/2019
Dirty, plain looking, but fun!
Lived in the Medford area for many years and as for the city I would say that it is indust...
Aaron | Rogue River, OR | No Replies

- 4/3/2018
Dreadford Oregon
I used to have a positive feeling for this town, but this place has become such a depressi...
Natalie | Medford, OR | 2 Replies

- 4/14/2017
a couple of questions
I'm curious about the arts/cultural scene in the Rogue River Valley and Southern Oregon in...
matt | Houston, TX | 2 Replies

- 2/15/2017
Good info
More up to date than other sites I have been using...
Julie | Henderson, NV | No Replies

- 8/18/2015
Southern Oregon
S.O. You all know what I am referring to don't play dumb. Southern Oregon or SO, the s...
Phil | Portland, OR | 1 Reply

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