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Disgusting city
Star Rating - 9/3/2018
Orlando is not Disneyworld. I moved there for an executive job after being in South Florida for 8 years. It was a huge mistake and left the area exactly one year later. It's a bunch of rude people trying to hustle at the expense of others. Pretend to be your friend to see what you can give them. People walk by in the mall, on the street, just bumping in to people. No respect for others. It's all scams. Every man for themselves, no sense of community. The phrase I heard alot there is, 'no worries.' You should worry if you decide to move there. It's dirty and gross. Sitting at a red light outside the FL Mall one day I saw a rat the size of a cat walking along the median. Fly by night stores in strip malls line the entire area, And watch the local news. Constant home invasions and murders, even in the 'nice' areas. One morning I was up very early to take my dog out. A guy (50's, 60's) and very young girl at 5am demanded I let them through the security gate of my apartments even though they didn't live there. Said they had to visit someone in apartment 140.
Kelly | Jupiter, FL
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You were expecting all of Orlando to be Disney world? Wow your stupid!!! For one Disney world isn’t even in Orlando.
Mike | Idaho Springs, CO

Wow, if you moved from Jupiter to Orlando you're better off buying a house in Riviera Beach!!
Ernesto | Boca Raton, FL

AGAIN FLORIDA IS A VERY CROOKED AND DANGEROUS JEWISH CONTROL STATE. READ BELOW ABOUT BAL HARBOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT WORKING WITH THE DRUG CARTELS: Florida Cops Laundered Millions For Drug Cartels, Failed To ... Posing as money launderers, police in Bal Harbour and Glades County, Fla. laundered a staggering $71.5 million for drug cartels in an undercover sting DRUGS DESTROY COMMUNITIES. EVERY COP SHOULD BE PUT ON TRIAL AND EXECUTED. I UNDERSTAND SUNTRUST WAS INVOLVED.
Ronald | Kodak, TN

The Orlando Police Department and Orange Co Fl Sheriff Department are nothing more the Anti America Nazi Organizations Control by Anti America Anti Christ Communist Queer Walt Disney Jews. These pigs are very crooked and a threat to society. Make no mistake folks Jews like Queer Walt Disney Co and Penny Prizker have rob the hell out of Florida. Check out the sale of the Orlando Fl Navy Base. Penny Pritzker and crooked Florida politicians like Glenda Hood and Bill Frederick help Penny Pritzker rob the taxpayers big time. Jews get filthy rich robbing countries and starting useless wars. Folks our country is under attack from with in . We have a very crooked Jewish control Government. Germany took care of their Jewish problems and America better do the same. America must execute our real enemies by bombing Israel and Jewish Mexico. Folks Israel attack the USS Liberty killing and wounding 208 American sailors and destroyed our ship. THIS WAS A HUGE COVER UP! It’s Israel not Russia or any other country we should fear.
Ronald | Kodak, TN

That RAT was most likely a possum. LOL But otherwise agree.
J | Plant City, FL
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