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Great for sports fans
Star Rating - 5/2/2019
I've only lived in Scottsdale for a little more than 5 years and I love it. First of all, I should say that I am an avid sports fan. Phoenix offers all the sports you could want. I'm a min-pack subscriber to the D'Backs and the Coyotes hockey team, in addition to attending the ASU and Phoenix Cardinals games. The weather for the most part is great - the sun is always out. The summers are hot, pure & simple, but you go from your air-conditioned house, to your air-conditioned car to your air-conditioned restaurant or other shopping need. However, the spring & fall are wonderful - no shoveling snow and worrying about ice on the roads. There are great dining destinations from Mom & Pop places to the most elegant you could want. The variety is great and the local chefs are top-notch. The City of Phoenix is very responsive to the citizens requirements. The streets are swept, the trash collected and contact with the City itself is convenient. Most homes have a pool so much of your time is spent outdoors. I can't myself moving out of here.
Duke | Phoenix, AZ
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I've owned a home in Scottsdale 17 years and can't agree with you more, best place I ever lived.
kevin | Seligman, AZ | Report Abuse
- 11/19/2019
RED as red gets. (But redder.)
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ima | Vancouver, WA | 4 Replies

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Douchebaggery Gone Wild
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- 9/17/2018
Sunshine, Friendliest People, Best Place To Live
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Christina | Scottsdale, AZ | 2 Replies

- 7/29/2018
Worst "city" on earth
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