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RED as red gets. (But redder.)
Star Rating - 11/19/2019
Pros: Livable weather 7 months a year, (Oct. 15-May 15), ample restaurants (though $$$$), resorts to stroll, if you golf, you'll be in heaven. Broad, tidy streets with uplit palm trees, open air cafes and outdoor malls. Gloriously pretty. CLEAN. // Cons: If you're at all politically active and academically minded, and if you're not ultra conservative, you will absolutely suffocate here. I've lived in Scottsdale since 2005, political persuasions were never an issue before the 2016 election but these days, it's gotten downright frightening; House after house, bar after bar, restaurant after restaurant, coffee shops, nail salons and grocery stores, (without exaggeration), with nothing but Fox News on their screens, foul bumper stickers, MAGA hats, low tolerance for any views other than their own, and once long time favorite restaurants converting into beer-type bars catering to the blossoming ultra conservative, boisterous crowds. If that's your scene, come here and jump in. Ride your Harley to town. Spit shine your tattoos. Get your ball caps out. You'll fit right in. // But if you appreciate any degree of racial diversity in your life, of calm, kindness and civic equality, or just love interacting with open minds & people who whose world-views extend beyond US borders, you'll be far better served to base yourself around the ASU area $ much closer to the core of Phoenix where it's a much kinder and more open environment than here. (Or waiting until this political storm can pass. Surely it will. Pendulums do swing.) And Scottsdale did NOT used to be at all like this prior to 2016, so hopefully it will revert to its once easy going and welcoming self. Fingers crossed.
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I live in a very liberal university town which prides itself on how very educated it is compared to other places. The people are not friendly, self righteous, closed minded, and every car plastered with bumper stickers is pro democrat-even nice cars. I have family in Scottsdale and visit frequently. Scottsdale is the opposite. Friendly, upscale, and law abiding. The rest of what you said about the climate is true. Very nice except the summer months.
janet | Lawrence, KS | Report Abuse

Liberalism is fantastic, it’s so great that even the liberals flee liberal cities and states. Look at the license plates, California, Washington, Illinois and New York. Two things that liberals hate, data and facts. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
Josh | Scottsdale, AZ | Report Abuse

Liberalism is fantastic, it’s so great that even the liberals flee liberal cities and states. Look at the license plates, California, Washington, Illinois. Two things that liberals hate, data and facts.
Josh | Scottsdale, AZ | Report Abuse

This is an awesome review and I appreciate the detailed info... I am on board and I have been looking for this panacea of conservative ball cap wearing, beer drinking down to earth people that are the opposite of the arrogant, self righteous and pontificating people in the northeast, where I am from. Thanks again for the extremely biased but rather informative review! I have booked my flight.... Yeeeeehawww!
Joseph | Greensburg, PA | Report Abuse
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