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Kansas City, MO is Horrible and Dirty
Star Rating - 12/13/2019
Kansas City is violent, lots of crime, criminals and people lack basic social graces. It seems like the police just outright ignore most crimes unless they are serious felonies. It makes no real sense. People are rude, hostile, aggressive and poorly socialized. Many cannot even talk very well. most of the time I do not even understand what they are saying because it does not make coherent sense. It is dirty with garbage everywhere - it is disgusting! I lived there for about 18 months and it was the absolute worst place I have ever had the displeasure to live and I have lived in multiple states in many metropolitan areas larger than that cesspool. You should avoid this nasty place like the Bubonic Plague.
Natalie | Kansas City, MO
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I just spent a week there and got the same impression. The entire eastern half, northern half, central part of the city is run down and decaying. Very depressing. Go over a couple blocks and it's decent but still dead with middle and upper class folks. Seems like everyone is shacked up in their homes, no one outside walking dogs, parks are empty, don't blame covid, the customer service, from the crappy casinos to the downtown bbq joints and the dirty Ramada Suites, etc. was lacking. Just very trashy. The place is depressing. All they have going are the KC Chiefs, nothing else. Who says let's move to KC? YAY? Downtown was a joke too fyi. Dead and depressing. Not impressed at all! Disgusting, dirty city with no growth. Like another Oklahoma City.
Christian | Denver, CO | Report Abuse

I was thinking bout KC over Atlanta as a short vacation destination, perhaps I should reconsider n head on over to New Orleans. I'm from San Diego n love to sample local foods. U mention crime running rampant, but that's everywhere, even in West Virginia- I was there last yr at the capital n got robbed as I was walking out of the bathroom!
Emerson | Fountain Valley, CA | Report Abuse

You must have lived in the lowest income area in town then. I live here and find people courteous as well as articulate. In my opinion, people often attract those that are like-minded.
Jo | Kansas City, MO | Report Abuse

i wonder which 5-block area on troost you stayed in? that is the funniest and least accurate description of 90% of KC I’ve ever heard! Lived all over the world over about 20 years and lived in numerous KC neighborhoods over 21 years.
Phillip | Bethesda, MD | Report Abuse
- 3/23/2021
I have lived in Kansas City my entire life. I've also lived in other states. Yes, there ar...
Jo | Kansas City, MO | 2 Replies

- 3/21/2019
Good Family Town, less so for Retirement
Lived in KC metro over 40 years. It is quite spread out in terms of both geographical and ...
Larry | Mission, KS | 1 Reply

- 7/22/2018
Extremely unfriendly.
The rest of the people are right- KC Missouri has some of the least friendly people I’ve e...
Amanda | Liberty, MO | 2 Replies

- 3/13/2018
Mixed bag
I lived in KCMO north of the river for about ten years. There are issues with both increas...
Tom Paine | Fayetteville, AR | No Replies

- 1/2/2018
"Big Small-Town"
I have lived in Kansas City for little over 2 years, Chicago prior for 4 years. I wanted t...
Dan | Kansas City, MO | 2 Replies

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