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Housing may be down, but costs are still high!!!
Star Rating - 8/30/2009
Any town in Orange County, Calif. has many positives...most do not even need to shared, because everyone knows it is a fabulous place to live.

Now to the negatives...Traffic is awful, the freeways are huge and many and they are way, way over crowded. Still, I would put up with them for the benefits of sunny Southern Calif.

The cost of living is the killer...even with the housing slump, the cost of living is well above the national average, and that makes it an expensive State...cheaper in the South then the North.

At home food for two..Low $500./High $600. If you entertain much, add more.

Eating out is expensive...Coffee shop $10.00 per person, mid range restaurant $30.00 to $40.00 per person (wine or cocktails extra) Five star will run $50.00 & up. Even bar food that use to be a bargin has gone up and up...two glasses of wine and bar food for one runs $30.00 with tip.

Utilities vary so Much!!! But here is an average for a 2,000 Sq.Ft. house.
Gas $40.00, Electric w/air conditioning $225.00, Water/Trash $115.00

Ins.w/earthquake $800,000. house...$750.00 per year.

Labor: Gardner once a week 10,000 Sq.ft. lot (mow and blow) $75.00 per. mo.
House cleaning help (6 Hours) $60.00 per day

Rent a two bedroom, two bath small condo or house $2,000 to $4,000.

Buying a house???? All over the map with the foreclousers. Still higher then most other areas of the country except New York and Main.

Medical-Dental...I hope you have Insurance!! (I have no idea of cost for an uninsured person.)

Gasoline...lots of tax, over $3.00 a gallon!!!

Propety Tax...not too bad, figure a little over 1% of assesed value.

Personl Grooming..Men can get a haircut from $11.00 up to $25.00
Women...$50.00 haircut,$45.00 roots, $120.00 highlights, $30.00 wash & blow dry.....Pedicure $40.00, manacure $20.00
Herculisa | San Carlos, CA
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We are retired and have lived here for 40+ years. Great place to raise kids, good schools, medical facilities are superb if you ever need them. Entertainment is a good as it gets if you want to spend $$, world class venues like Segerstrom Hall and others, top 4-year colleges incl. UC Irvine. We dine out weekly with friends and rotate thru about 15+ restaurants, with occasional new ones added. Typical dinner is $12-18 pp, great variety of ethnic restaurants and American ones. We live in a typical tract home bought in the last 70s, property tax is a little over $1k per yr thanks to Prop 13. Gas (with gas stove, furnace and water heater) runs $15 - 45/ month, electricity is $25-70 a month depending on season, with AC during summers . The house has good insulation and coated double-pane windows. We have 3 cars including a Tesla with free life-of-car charging so fuel bills are low. We take advantage of the local junior college's senior ed program with a very wide variety of free courses year round. All manner of outdoor and indoor sports are available, including multiple gyms one of which we go to frequently. The Mediterranean type climate makes for great weather year round. John Wayne Airport is 15 min. away with flights all over the country, LAX is an hour (1.5 hr if it's rush hour). Freeway are jammed during rush hour but as retirees that is not a problem. Disneyland is 20 min. away, like the many beaches (25+ min). If you are into skiing and winter sports that's 1.5 hrs away in the Big Bear area or 7+ hours if you go to Mammoth in the Sierras. Numerous parks, hiking and biking trails. Low crime rate in this city. So yes real estate is expensive, now you know why living The Good Life costs.
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- 7/30/2012
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