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Star Rating - 2/28/2007
I lived in the Tampa area for about 2 years and loved it. I think there are come issues with the heat, bugs/snakes... but that is FLorida. I have been back a few times and the traffic is still bad, but I would move back due to the fact that is was fun. You have many options to keep you busy from Golf, concerts, casinos, Beaches, Nightlife, Sports...
If you can not find something to do in Tampa, it is your fault.
The schools were not that great, all though we did live in a good district.
The only bad thing that would make me hesitate about going back is what you pay for home owners insurance... we were due to pay @ 3k the year we relocated and I am sure it is higher now.

Mr X | Jacksonville, FL
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- 1/24/2022
I love Tampa. Why are Miami reviews counting for T
This is my favorite city that I have ever lived in. I am reading all of these terrible rev...
laura | Tampa, FL | No Replies

- 12/14/2021
Danger, hazardous to health.
I lived here all my life and I can ONLY think of other places I would rather be. I’ve tra...
Lena | Town n Country, FL | No Replies

- 10/11/2021
Run Away, Run Away!!!
Definitely the worst city I have ever lived in. The people here are scum, and if they aren...
MICHAEL | Egypt Lake-Leto, FL | 1 Reply

- 9/26/2019
Eh, not terrible
I lived here during college and while it was kinda dirty and run down in the Fowler/Fletch...
CC | Binghamton, NY | 4 Replies

- 12/30/2018
If you're unhappy here, it's probably you.
I was born in Tampa, and while I've traveled extensively I've always come back to my homet...
Christopher | Brandon, FL | 4 Replies

- 8/25/2018
I should have done my homework...
Where to start. I haven't noticed a groundswell of anti-outsider sentiment because everyon...
Allizon | Land O Lakes, FL | 7 Replies

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