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Fort Collins could be great.
Star Rating - 7/14/2020
I used to live in Fort Collins and it had its ups and downs:Ups: 1. Great Climate2. Healthy Population3. Plentiful things to doDowns: 1. Population that go off of the majority2. Growth and Sprawl3. Expensive 4. ClaustrophobicSo all in all, Fort Collins could be great if its population would decease would spread out more and the house prices would go down.
Bennett | Cheyenne, WY
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I live in Denver metro, but have lived in Cheyenne and Ft. Collins. Location, location, location! Of course FoCo has grown so much. It’s such a wonderful and lovely place to live. It is spread out if you look closely at a map with tons of parks and open spaces, especially compared to Denver metro. Am used to housing prices coming from Denver. I couldn’t bear living in Cheyenne again with the cold, wind, and dullness. I will say that traffic is bad in FoCo though.
Alli | Thornton, CO | Report Abuse
- 12/26/2019
Love It!!! But there are some downers
I love It here!!! Outstanding Schools,Educated Population,An Assortment Of Stuff To Do & E...
Keller | Fort Collins, CO | 1 Reply

- 10/27/2019
Plus and Minus
We moved from the midwest to Fort Collins in 2014. Pluses: Beautiful location near R...
Deborah | Fort Collins, CO | 1 Reply

- 5/20/2019
Not so wonderful
It's a very attractive city at the base of the Rocky mountains. There's a great deal to do...
Danya | Fort Collins, CO | 2 Replies

- 10/20/2016
Need a good job to live here
I have lived here since 1995. The cost of living here is way about average. The city has g...
C | Fort Collins, CO | 3 Replies

- 3/3/2016
Nice People and Nice Place to Live
I was in the Loveland and Fort Collins area for a while - I liked both, but found more fai...
Candace | Ogden, UT | No Replies

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