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Star Rating - 10/11/2020
As a 20 year resident of South Carolina, I can say, that it unfortunately as a whole isn’t the hospitable, friendly, nice, safe, or the wonderful picture many people paint it or believe it to be.

Most of the things that people enjoy about this state are tourist attractions or once a year festivals- and yes, most of those are very nice. However, everyday life in SC isn’t all that great.

In many aspects the problems in the cities are the same problems in the cute small towns. Both have their problem residents that steal, have violent altercations, and use/peddle drugs.

The politics are a mess and it greatly impacts the quality of everything here negatively. Tons and tons of poverty in every county. Real lack of supportive social services for those experiencing hardships, the homelessness, or mentally illness. Roads are literally falling apart. Most public water systems are not safe to drink. Counsels appointed for cities, utilities, and schools are corrupt- giving contracts out to friends/businesses individual counsel members or their spouses have stakes in; allowing utility companies to raise rates despite embezzlement/failed projects; and many upon many of scandals involving misappropriating tax dollars.

Most progressive mentalities exist only within certain pockets of metro areas. You’re likely to find racism, sexism, and homophobia still runs rampant here if you leave that little bubble. Although, many of the local “woke” white liberals haven’t actually had much experience/exposure outside of their white southern social world, culture, and cohorts. So, southern liberals can also be extremely annoying, very ignorant, fake, and actually covertly racist.

The crime is just so out of control- too many reports people ending up dead and way too many robberies with a deadly weapon taking place to feel comfortable and safe. Car theft rings and chop shops are a thing. Gangs and Human trafficking exist despite not being publicly addressed. Stealing anything and everything. Drugs are a real problem. Alcoholism and DUIs are abhorrently high here.

Right to work state which affords very little rights and protections to resident workers. Wages are very low in comparison to the rest of the US. Despite the claim of having a “low cost of living”, the average wage offered by a entry job will not afford the average person a means to live comfortably. Low cost of living in many ways is a myth. There isn’t a real industry here unless you count food and beverage industry jobs which are low paying, unstable, and typically provide no benefits.
Alicia | Columbia, SC
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Sadly this review has some valid points but there are some tight knit communities where you can feel safe and meet some of the nicest people.
Eric | Eastover, SC | Report Abuse

Ive been trying to find the best place for me to move. I appreciate this review.
Kristina | Bloomington, IN | Report Abuse

Why did you move here? Just to complain? Goodness please go back up north..
Mike | Normandy, TN | Report Abuse
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