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5th Best Places to Live in the USA!
Star Rating - 8/8/2018
It depends upon one's perspective in/on life (I lived in Rogers AR for a few years; it's just north but within the same urban sprawl). U.S. News analyzed the 125 most populous metro areas to find the best places to live. Their page is titled: 125 Best Places to Live in the USA! Fayetteville, AR is number 5, meaning there's only 4 other cities in all the USA that ranked higher. Forbes put the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers MSA at #2 on its list of Best Midsize Cities for Jobs. According to the American Lung Association State of the Air 2018 report, NW Arkansas ranks among the best air quality from among all urban metros reporting in. The natural world of the Nature State is still awesome; lots of lakes and forests and wildlife; some of the best fishing in the nation. And the State is not as densely (human) populated as others. The urban core is pedestrian friendly; bike trails galore throughout NW AR; the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center designated Fayetteville as a Bronze Level Walk Friendly Community for its walkability initiatives and programs. Gentle winters bless the region b/c it's where the Midwest meets the South. Kiplinger's 50 Best Places to Retire in the US 2018, also has Fayetteville at the #5 spot. The U of Arkansas is often ranked high for a variety of reasons, as is the Farmers market. The cost of living in Fayetteville is 11% lower than the national average. It's all about perspective. But for every 1 positive response to anything (online or otherwise), there's a hundred negative's. It's not where U are that matters; it's who U are, anywhere U are!
PAA | Des Moines, IA
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No, Fayetteville today is the worst, alongside with Springdale. You want to live in Bentonville or Rogers or Centerton if you want to look for a nice neighborhood. There's a lot of inaccurate magazine articles about Fayetteville that's obviously paid for by the Walmart family (nothing against them) to bring talent here.
Some | Bentonville, AR | Report Abuse

so,is fayeteville better than Roger's? I know people have different opinions.I'm in NY.def prefer mild winters.
Nicholas | Hamburg, NY | Report Abuse
- 6/19/2020
There is no better place than NW Arkansas
I have lived in NW Arkansas for 14 years, but grew up in Washington DC, and went to colleg...
Shari | Bella Vista, AR | No Replies

- 4/3/2020
Add on to my previous review.
I forgot to add to my prior review that another con is Fayetteville is too car dependant a...
Angela | Omaha, NE | No Replies

- 4/3/2020
Don't get the hype.
Native of Fayetteville that moved away in 2017. Yes, I understand that Northwest Arkansas ...
Angela | Omaha, NE | No Replies

- 8/2/2019
Not a good place for non-whites, overrated.
I've lived in Fayetteville for the past 10.5 years - went to college here, worked here, re...
Some | Bentonville, AR | 4 Replies

- 3/27/2018
Arkansas is fattening
I have been gone from Arkansas for quite a few years now. I lived there for several years...
Bill | Seattle, WA | 5 Replies

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