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Seattle aka furry con 24 7
Star Rating - 6/1/2014
If you live in and work in the tech industry you chances are you know at least 1 or 5. Furries are a huge thing here in the Seattle and surrounding areas. They have meet ups all the time and even a convention called "Rain Furrest" They tend to be white middle to upper class guys. Most of winch are gay, although you would not know it unless they told you. They always are invading Capital Hill (gay district of Seattle). I had no idea util one of my co-works was talking about furries things...Turns out there are at least 10 of them in my department.

I guess if you are a fan of the fur, Seattle is a great place to be. Not so much of one myself but I had to write this because I was fascinated when I found this out. Been trying to encourage one of them to come to work in suit, that would be XD!!
Kings_Deer | Woodmoor, CO
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