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Going downhill
Star Rating - 5/13/2019
I've lived here for 15 years. You need to update your average price of a home because it has gone up dramatically in the last two years. According to our local paper, the current average price of a home is $303,450. Apartments are unaffordable. The scenery and activities available are great, but it is getting very crowded and the crime has gone way up. I moved here from the south and one of the reasons was the low crime rate. Now it seems like there is a shooting every day, drug busts are rampant, and wrecks are increasing much so that they are putting in red light cameras at multiple locations (and they aren't helping.) The freak weather is so bad that insurance rates have skyrocketed. If I could afford to move, I would.
Becky | Colorado Springs, CO
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- 4/14/2019
There are better places for sure.
Not the worst city, but certainly not the best either. People are rude...Hillbillies at be...
JR | Peyton, CO | 2 Replies

- 3/18/2019
It's not that great
Moved here in 2017, the cost of living has skyrocketed, the traffic gets worse every day, ...
Maria | Cimarron Hills, CO | No Replies

- 2/10/2019
Awesome or Horrible depending on the neighborhood
I bought a house in Colorado Springs, on Cheyenne Blvd, about a mile from S. Nevada, in 20...
Jonathan | Colorado Springs, CO | No Replies

- 1/23/2019
Love the mountains but can't afford to live here
I grew up in Colorado Springs, left to join the military, and came back because the mounta...
M | Colorado Springs, CO | No Replies

- 12/4/2018
Very Disappointing
On the west side of this city it's very picturesque, quaint and majestic, but it's east si...
chris | Ogden, UT | 3 Replies

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