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Not throwing up my hat in Mpls.
Star Rating - 1/31/2017
I lived there 20 years and not only did I feel the lack of friendliness to outsiders (plenty of surface friendly) but so did a lot of other outsiders I talked to about the problem. Oh, you can work there, you can raise your kids there, pay taxes, freeze your patootie too. But, you're still not a native so don't go looking for any close friends. I grew up in Wisco. and though it is cold, MN. is COLDER! Much COLDER for longer. One year it started at Halloween and ran right into Easter. 40 below for 2 weeks and that didn't include the wind chill. House prices are high if you want a fairly nice one. But, the biggest (in my op.) and well-hidden problem is this: you might find a great vintage house in an inner city suburb. Pay a pretty price for your little piece of heaven. And, there you are, sitting in your lovely though rather buggy backyard and suddenly you hear a rumble first then see a long line of large planes passing just above the tree line. Yes, folks, it's enough to shake you up, quite literally. People seem to accept it. I never could, not when I paid good money just to discover that if I stood on my roof and jumped high enough I might hitch a free plane ride to the airport! When I finally moved I was truly startled by the lack of sound. But perhaps that was simply because I'd lost my hearing.
Wendy | Appleton, WI
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- 6/27/2018
Challenging place, but possibly worth it.
Disclaimer - yes I am a transplant, from another smaller midwestern city. Minnesota is not...
Michael | Minneapolis, MN | 4 Replies

- 6/6/2018
VERY, VERY, VERY underrated
I absolutely LOVE this city! And would put this in my Top 10 cities in the country easi...
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It’s probably you not them
Having read the negative reviews of Minneapolis residents, I can say the poster’s should t...
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People are friendly and polite, lots of activities
I love Minneapolis. People are usually quite polite and friendly (different neighborhoods ...
Karen | Eden Prairie, MN | No Replies

- 1/3/2018
Where dreams go to die
I completely agree with all the negative reviews about this god-forsaken state/city. I ...
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- 10/25/2017
Weird People
It's pretty cathartic reading the other reviews and realizing I'm not only one super uncom...
Brian | Minneapolis, MN | 1 Reply

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