Review of Mount Shasta, California

Beautiful place to live, visit, and have a family.
Star Rating - 4/14/2015
I have lived in Siskiyou County for 24 years and Mount Shasta is by far the most enjoyable place I have lived thus far. It is a very tolerant community and culturally diverse. It is a hippy town with a great hospital and is high in various forms spirituality. Medical marijuana is legal and there are a couple cannabis clubs in the city. It is a very small town with a couple bars and not too many drunks (where as Yreka, 30 miles north, is a terrible place for drugs and alcohol). Nature is abundant here, as there are head waters to the Sacramento river, tons of lakes, rivers, streams, many waterfalls, hiking, camping, fishing, music, and all kinds of outdoor recreation. Cost of living is a little high, but it is a great place to grow your own food. Great air, water, and quality of life!!
Melissa | Mount Shasta, CA
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