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Medford, Oregon truly sucks
Star Rating - 1/7/2012
I have lived here for more then 15 years and finally I can afford to get out of here. I'm moving in a month to Salem, Oregon and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Medford is a whole and a black whole that will get you stuck and rarely anyone is able to move away. No jobs here, we have the highest unemployment in the country, all the jobs they do have are part time, we have over 25k people out of work so when a job does open the chance of getting it are slim, Rent is a disaster and always has been, medford landlords expect tenants to pay the whole mortgage. To rent a crappy, in the worst part of town 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home is going to cost you 1200 a month. There are shootings here all the time, gangs, and just two days ago I watched the police kill a 20 year old kid in the Albertsons parking lot. Everything cost a fortune too!!! I went to Papa Murphy s to get a pizza and they raised prices $4 per pizza, when I asked why the huge jump in price they stated because Oregon min. wage just went up .20 cents, .... does this make seance to you guys? Medford does this every time, they give the increase to help with rising cost of living expenses and each time they raise it prices go up 200%, the mall was the same, can't get a subway sub for under $9 dollars now... someone should stop this from happening but they wont. The city once again today blocked HUD housing from building a 100 unit complex! this is what to expect if you live here. We have nothing, all the cool stores closed or are closing this month, there is no economy, no affordable housing and milk cost $4.99 a gallon, and our gas is always the nations highest yesterday still being $3.89 for reg. gas. We have lost 30k people in the last 4 years. NO mills, no jobs, high prices, screw this place.
Dan | Medford, OR
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Salem?! You cant wait? Have you read reviews on salem? All the same complaints, and worse. Meth, crime, low wages, unemployment, gangs, dirty cops, etc. out of the frying pan, into the fire.
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