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Bend.. What happened to you?!
Star Rating - 10/17/2018
I was born in Bend Oregon at St. Charles. I loved growing up in bend and living here the first 28 years of my life. I moved 8 years ago and at that time Bend was changing so much. Now whenever I "go home" to visit, I'm shocked just how much it's changed. Specifically the people. Living in Bend my whole life people were usually always very nice. Now you run into a$$holes everywhere. I live in Southern California now and shockingly the people here are nicer than the people in Bend.

The cost of living is also insane in Bend now. There is very little opportunity, so if you don't work remotely for some company elsewhere, you'll struggle to survive. Being born and raised in Bend, it's so heartbreaking to see how much it's changing. I know when you have a place as beautiful as Bend, this is bound to happen but it doesn't make it sting any less.
chris | San Diego, CA
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Now you know how I feel when people like you move to San Diego. Born and raised there for 30 years and cant even go back. Used to be a beautiful city but now just a trashy extension of LA. Sure there are nice places on the coast but who has a million dollars for a home. Even if you do, you'll be stuck there because so much traffic now your forced to stay local.
Bill | Temecula, CA
- 1/25/2019
Outdoor Enthusiasts Only:
Like outdoor sports? There isn't anything you can't do here: running, ultra running, hi...
Rosann | Bend, OR | 1 Reply

- 7/28/2018
Bend is the most over-rated town in Oregon ...
I was born in Bend, my parents grew up in Bend and I loved Bend almost my entire life. In...
Will | Portland, OR | 3 Replies

- 6/9/2018
To many people, only for RAMFs (Rich A$$ MF)
To many people, only for RAMFs (Rich A$$ MF)...
noneof | Bend, OR | 1 Reply

- 5/16/2018
Only for the rich
It isn't worth it. Bend isn't that special. The weather is so-so, the traffic is terrible,...
Heath | Bend, OR | No Replies

- 5/8/2018
'Resort Community." "Grab Your Wallet."
The natives of Oregon tell me that Bend 50 years ago was a scrappy logging town. No, disr...
Philip | Boise City, ID | 1 Reply

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