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Things they don't tell you
Star Rating - 2/19/2017
The Greenville area hosts some of the most corrupt individuals in city governments. Take the former mayor Eichor of Simpsonville who was convicted of obstruction of justice and tampering with an investigation. The city still doesn't have a real police chief after playing fast and loose with the rules over letting their last chief go. Then there's the chief of police in Mauldin, who the papers reported beat his girlfriend repeatedly and relied on Mauldin officers to cover him until he was finally forced to take accountability for his actions and was arrested. It didn't take long after I moved here to hear multiple people tell me don't drive through Mauldin if at all possible, the police are corrupt and traffic court judges support bogus charges. What I found most distasteful was the blatant racism here. I was asked by a few of the "good ol' boys" I worked with if I roast cats for Thanksgiving, while my boyfriend's co-worker calls Asians "won tons". Sadly, they don't tell you about the violent crimes and daily murders here either. It doesn't surprise me to see a large number of transplants leaving here in record numbers, me included.
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There are definitely very few murders in Greenville. Police are very fair and reasonable and most do their job well and the right way. There are bad people everywhere in the United States. You cant criticize a place because of a few bad experiences with people there. There are more people moving in than heading out.
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Thanks for the comment. My wife and I were considering the Greenville area, but because of your non-biased comment, as well as a few others, we'll consider elsewhere. I'm originally from Michigan, and have lived in Columbia since 2005. I came to South Carolina in 1996 because of trucking job, and have regretted it ever since. Eager to go back up north and leave the ignorant south forever.
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