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Montanan suggesting living anywhere else in state
Star Rating - 4/24/2017
I'm a born and raised Montanan and have lived in every part of the state and Bozeman is my least favorite place so far. I came here for the college (which is way too experience for being taught only by TA's) and can't wait to get out.

Pros: Beautiful views, great hiking paths, dog friendly, low crime

Cons: Housing is insane! Everyone has a dog here and yet no rentals allow pets so you're forced to either buy a house or sneak your pet in. Bozeman is currently the fastest growing city in the U.S. at 4.6% growth and the city has not prepared at all for it. The streets are confusing and it is a 3-hour wait to get a title certificate or licence plates from the Treasurer's Office. The winter gets depressing if you aren't a snow bum because there is nothing else to do but that or become an alcoholic and join everyone downtown. It seems like everyone here is unfriendly and depressed, which actually could be the case considering how few sunny days there are. The nicest people you will meet are the out-of-staters and good luck having any townies even acknowledge you. The hospital has a monopoly on all the health care centers so physicians are paid crap and the prices for care are ridiculous. Speaking of wages, the average wage for someone with a bachelor's degree in Bozeman is $15/hour with the average rental costing $1,800 for a 2 bedroom place.
Karl | Bozeman, MT
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Everything you said and haven't added is 1000% correct. The place is a joke. Stay far far far...FAR away from here. They don't want you here anyway...even if you are born and raised IN BOZEMAN LOL!!!!!
uh | Belgrade, MT

I should add, I met an employer (sort of) and 1. he seen I was from out of state and he was beyond RUDE! Every word out of his mouth was NIGGER THIS AND THAT. He's not the only one! Stay away from here and you'll enjoy life much better!
uh | Belgrade, MT
- 11/23/2018
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Beautiful town, lots of jobs
Great for families...
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- 4/7/2017
Nice to visit, but you don't want to live there
I move to Bozeman in Sept of 2016. Nice weather at that time. Renting a house. $2200/month...
John | Bozeman, MT | 1 Reply

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