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Chicago is a World-Class Alpha City.
Star Rating - 5/25/2020
Chicago is a world class Alpha city. People from all over the world make it their home and can find everything their own country has right at their fingertips. Politics and crime exist everywhere. People worldwide need lessons in safety and how to keep a low profile even in a bedroom community. Through hard work and networking, opportunities exist for anyone and everyone. If you can make it in Chicago, you can live any where on the planet. If you know the city like the back of your hand even traffic isn't a big deal. There are multiple ways to get around, and Chicagoans are never deterred or (detoured) when unexpected problems arise. Education is highly regarded, and multiple avenues to afford one. You won't find a bigger pool of talented health professionals and lawyers. Chicago police get a bad rap for a handful of bad apples. If you're respectful and compliant, most often you won't even be cited. The lakefront, forest preserves, parks, biking and running trails are like no other city. I agree Chicago is like a mini NYC, but is much cleaner and much more livable. Sales tax and property taxes are high, compared to New York and London, you get much more for your money and a higher return when you sell. It's the people that make it great, strong, competitive at everything and always striving to be better. It's a standout among cities and on par with the best of the best. Anyone who thinks it's a flyover city or too hardened and corrupt has never truly experienced it as a Chicagoan. Many people live in and visit cities as a tourist, Chicago is a city to be experienced and discovered off the be4aten path. It is not a cookie cutter place and honestly that is how most people want to live. Go to Milwaukee for that. It is 'easy', unsurprising and predictable. As far as weather goes, winters are a piece of cake from what they were 25 years ago. A snowstorm comes and it melts a few days later. Worldwide, places are experiencing extreme weather that is unpredictable and unprecedented. So far, we haven't had earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides, devastating forest fires, or terrorist attacks. (anything is possible) The good news is, when the weather is bad, we have plenty of places to go and things to do for entertainment. The Art Institute is the 'best in the world' and you can choose from over 75 neighborhoods of which country you'd like to eat in and experience.

eliina | Winnetka, IL
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The CPD gets a bad rap because they had a literal torture chamber from 1972 to 1991 to beat confessions out of innocent people to “solve” a crime, see Jon Burge. It was awhile ago but when it’s well known fact that your local police beat confessions from innocent people some who were executed for crimes they didn’t commit the memory doesn’t fade away quickly nor should it. The CPD gets a bad rap because they have cost tax payers $600 million from putting innocent people in jail or using unreasonable force which means killing people needlessly. Or maybe it was that off duty cop that beat the shit out of a woman bartender for not serving him because he was too drunk already. Maybe it was the despicable police union that has defended the actions of these vermin cops. Unfortunately there’s been more than a few bad apples in the CPD but what’s worse is that CPD has a history of not making any effort to get rid of bad apples. Police unfortunately due to the nature of the job can’t afford to have bad apples. I understand you may miss all this from your ivory tower in winnetka because my cousins grew up there & still live there.
Eric | Aurora, CO | Report Abuse

Winnetka is not Chicago.
Jeanne | Worthington, OH | Report Abuse
- 11/27/2020
Great history, devastating present, live elsewhere
Place is a train wreck which is too bad as it has good architecture, interesting history a...
Charles | Oak Park, IL | No Replies

- 5/14/2020
Considering a move to Chicago? Read this....
We moved here from Colorado back in 2013 and want to move out ASAP. This is definitely not...
Robert | Orland Park, IL | 6 Replies

- 4/19/2020
Nice Place To Visit But Not To Live
Nice city to visit but you really don't want to live there. I did for many years and it ha...
Kevin | Powder Springs, GA | 1 Reply

- 10/29/2019
not as bad as you think
I lived in the city my whole life I loved it....
Josiah | Charlotte, NC | 1 Reply

- 9/5/2019
Lived there for 40 years, worse place in the nation. The weather is nice about 3% of the t...
Joey | Peoria, AZ | 29 Replies

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