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Star Rating - 8/14/2012
Lived in Fayetteville/Springdale area for 17 years, loved it, totally loved it. Housing is fair, prices are great, groceries are not expensive, schools are so of the best in the state. VERY sorry I moved away, will be coming back as soon as I can.
Susan | Palmetto, GA
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Fayetteville is a gem of a little city. Replying to Mark, yes to all of your questions Mark. There are 16 + miles of bike trials, parks are abundant. World class art, music and theater. Great cafe's, as well as college type watering holes. This is a University town, Hillary and Bill are from here. They have the best small city library I've ever seen, and yes there are tons of book stores etc... Pretty good weather, 4 seasons, short summers and winters, long springs and falls. You are 30 minutes away from some of the coolest lakes and rivers in the country.
John | Springdale, AR

I have a few questions about Fayetteville. Do they enforce noise ordinances which prevent excess motorcycle noise, dogs barking all night long, etc. Is it a safe place to live in terms of traffic fatalities as well as misc factors such as crime. Are there lots of healthy choices for grocery shopping (Whole Foods, etc). Is it easy for adults to make new friends there. Are the highways and roads well planned, marked and curbed. Are there lots of boutiquish shops and sidewalk cafes all over the city. Is everyone within a 10 minute walk of a park of some kind even if it is a small one. Are there lots of used book stores and book clubs? Are people there interested in exercise, health, reading, learning and discussing abstract ideas with others in the community that may not be relatives.
Mark | Portland, OR

Susan; you are one of the 'few' with anything positive to say about Fayetteville! I am looking to move there, right now I am just window-shopping for a home. Tell me are the people there racist like in Charleston,S.C.? I am Jewish/hispanic and had a really bad experience with the people in Charleston and they called themselves "Christians". Well looking forward to any responses. Shalom All!
Lilly | Trinidad, CO
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