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Pro's and Con's of living in Myrtle Beach
Star Rating - 11/25/2018
If I could give 4.5 instead of 5 I would because Id like to see the traffic flow better with more red lights and see more money put in to landscaping the roadways and beautification projects. That's my honest opinion.

I personally love living in Myrtle Beach and can not think of better place I would want to live. We considered North Carolina Beaches, and Florida as well.

When making a move to another state it is important to have a contingency plan, 6 months of savings, and stable employment. I think some people don't plan accordingly and equate their problems to where they live and are always looking for a better opportunity.

That being said, Myrtle Beach is a tourist town and we get about 14 million visitors a year. If you can't deal with the extra traffic during tourist season or the fact that seasonal shops close up for winter then you should rethink your decision to move to Myrtle Beach. Some have commented that the town is dirty. I disagree with that. Some of the ocean front hotels look weathered because it's hard to keep up with being directly on the ocean and sand gets blown up on the sidewalks.

After moving to Myrtle Beach some of my problems are always having sand in my car, loads of laundry from beach towels, trying to decide if its a pool day or a beach day so I do both, bathing suites get faded fast, hair and skin gets dried out and you need need good moisture and having to keep our palm trees watered in the summer. I'd say these are much better problems then having salt in your car from frozen roads, coats, gloves, frozen pipes, high taxes, on and on!

Others have commented there is a lot of traffic because the area is growing so quickly with all the new housing developments. I agree the traffic can be heavy during rush hour and there are plans in place to widen roads and build a few roads to help with this. However, I used to live on a peninsula in Virginia and we had bridge tunnels and military bases that let out at the same time. In my opinion, the traffic back home was no worse then it is here. If anything the traffic is better here.

If you have stable income and are loking for a great warm weather beach town to live in then I highly reccomend Myrtle Beach. Not just because I'm an agent here but because my husband and I could have lived anywhere we wanted (he works from home) and we chose Myrtle Beach.

We landed in Myrtle Beach solely by accident when an awesome priced house popped up on Zillow. I couldn't believe how affordable the housing market was here.

I do have my favorite neighborhoods that I can reccomend if you are interested in moving here. I'm also happy to answer any questions you have about the area. Please email me at or text/call 843-999–2843. Melissa Gardner with Plantation Realty Group, LLC

Melissa | Myrtle Beach, SC
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