Review of Revere, Massachusetts

Star Rating - 10/4/2006
I dont know but before I moved here, I was told that it was the slums of Massachusetts. Well I beg to differ. It has that middle class feel to it. Close to the beach, everything is affordable and very close to high class Boston. Revere might not be as upscale as Boston but the people are WICKED nice (if you dont mind Italians), it seems everyone is an italian. Not a bad place to live though
ISRAEL | Revere, MA
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i feel differently i see all the crime everyday and the housing problems west revere and point of pines are nice though
Bob | Revere, MA | Report Abuse

I have lived in Revere for 23 years, and have seen it change from a basic italian community to a much more mixed ethnic community, but all and all a nice place to live
Paul | Revere, MA | Report Abuse
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