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Moving to jax? Here is what you need to know
Star Rating - 9/9/2021
I have lived here for 5 years and Jacksonville keeps getting better and better. After living in multiple areas in Jax I have figured it out. Like most large cities there are good areas and bad areas. Jax is a huge massive city land wise. I would say 40% of Jax is low income high, crime, and neglected "Bad" areas. These are near downtown on the Westside, Downtown on the eastside north of stadium, alot of east arlington, near St Nicholas... These areas are lower income or economically disadvantaged. Generally speaking the majority of the entire west side of jacksonville is lower income or lower middle class. Where is the best places to live then? If your family is making near or over 6 figures you would enjoy buying in a middle to upper middle class area you should consider Bartram, Communities in St Johns County, Mandarin, The Beaches Jax Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ponte vedra Beach, Generally anything East of 295 beltway toward the beach.
Other options include more historic areas like Avondale, Riverside, Ortega, maybe Spring Field. Single Young professionals should consider The Beaches, Brooklyn, Riverside. Young Families should consider Bartram, Mandarin, or communities in St Johns County like Silverleaf, River Town, Nocatee, Beach Walk, Shearwater, North Jacksonville (Oceanwayish) Near Airport Generally anything east of 295 beltway, Anything near St Johns Town Center. Hope this helps! Knowing this will change your entire experience in Jax
Rashad | Jacksonville, FL
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- 7/24/2021
I heard it was bad, I had no idea what bad was
Just horrible, sure it starts off hopeful, then you see the darkness! Unless you know peop...
Kalee | Jacksonville, FL | 1 Reply

- 1/1/2021
Come here if you want to die inside
Jacksonville elite seem to like killing the things that make it interesting. From city cou...
V | Shoreline, WA | 2 Replies

- 10/14/2019
WARNING!!! Parents of children that are black and brown please be advised your child will ...
Joe | Jacksonville, FL | 5 Replies

- 7/15/2019
Jacksonville is better than most cities it’s size
I was raised in Jacksonville. Lived there from 1980-1991. In the area, Clay County, from 1...
George | Jacksonville, FL | 1 Reply

- 2/2/2019
Think twice, it may not be the place for you
After living in Jax for over 20 years, I am heading north for retirement. This is mostly ...
Paul | Jacksonville, FL | 5 Replies

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