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50 shades of white and impoverished
Star Rating - 7/22/2021
My family established our home in Larimer County in 1973; this area, Fort Collins, was a quaint, western-ish town we loved to visit. So I’ve visited FoCo multiple times a year since until 2016 when I relocated here from the east coast.

FoCo is more expensive than the DC beltway, the city’s planning division, under the leadership of a long-time city manager who sold this place out, has catered to developers making the city completely unaffordable for the majority of service sector employees. The majority are in poverty, but on the bright side, if you’re white, and you really only want to live amongst white people, and be poor, this is your place!
KAY | Fort Collins, CO
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- 6/13/2021
Lost its charm
I moved to Fort Collins in 1993. I loved it. People were friendly and it felt like a com...
Kathleen | Bellvue, CO | 1 Reply

- 7/14/2020
Fort Collins could be great.
I used to live in Fort Collins and it had its ups and downs:Ups: 1. Great Climate2. Health...
Bennett | Cheyenne, WY | 1 Reply

- 12/26/2019
Love It!!! But there are some downers
I love It here!!! Outstanding Schools,Educated Population,An Assortment Of Stuff To Do & E...
Keller | Fort Collins, CO | 1 Reply

- 10/27/2019
Plus and Minus
We moved from the midwest to Fort Collins in 2014. Pluses: Beautiful location near R...
Deborah | Fort Collins, CO | 1 Reply

- 5/20/2019
Not so wonderful
It's a very attractive city at the base of the Rocky mountains. There's a great deal to do...
Danya | Fort Collins, CO | 2 Replies

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