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My hopes, my dreams, my ambitions.
Star Rating - 8/28/2019
I've lived here beginning in 1980 and hated it due to growing up in one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. I lived in Elportal California the first 16 years of my life and it was 14 miles below Yosemite National Park.
Like I said, some of the most beautiful mountains in this world.
But I was young and would never accept this move and left at the age of 17 never expecting to come back certainly not to live. But here I am looking at this town in a whole new light.
My parents met, dated and married in the Lawrence avenue Church of Christ. My late grandfather on my mother's side held the ceremony due to his life long ministry as a preacher for the Churches of Christ.
My grandparents on my father's side borrowed$350 from my father to build a house right down the street from my home a very long time ago. I can see it from my front door to this day. My family heritage began here. My grandparents on both sides have been buried here including my mother, cousins, and many more.
This is where my heritage began. Although I left that quiet little town years ago with no ambition to return. I'm here today to tell you that this town is definitely going to be a place for those who choose not to live in the city of Lubbock.
It almost died completely, but new life in it will begin again very soon.
I see it, I feel it, I have no doubt that this very quiet little town will one day soon come back to Life and I hope when it does that I'll be around to see it

Andrew | Anton, TX
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