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Where’s this hand basket headed?
Star Rating - 1/5/2021
Born and bred here, and have lived many other places as well... Truth be told, Portland has gone to hell. Drugs, gangs, shootings, violent crimes taking over the greater PDX area. Homelessness is destroying neighborhoods (not genuinely dislocated people, but those who move to PDX to take advantage of the perks here). Anarchy is tolerated, destroying businesses and our downtown. I’ve had liberals say to me, “I’m a liberal, but this place has gotten TOO DAMN LIBERAL! It’s not working anymore!” They’re right ~ Portland is broken. In addition to these, it’s gotten REALLY expensive to live here ~ especially housing. Lockdowns may affect that as more small businesses go out and people can’t pay their mortgage. So sad...
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- 6/2/2021
Portland is great for open minds.
I've lived in Portland for 6 years and I love it. Yes, it's liberal and progressive. That...
Bruce | Portland, OR | No Replies

- 4/20/2021
Sickly city
Can you spell D U M P? If you enjoy hordes of acephalic liberal democrats, looting, high ...
Don | Sequim, WA | No Replies

- 2/14/2021
good for established persons, but inequitable.
I've lived here from 2018 to late 2019, and then came back in late 2020. I'm going to try ...
s | Portland, OR | 1 Reply

- 2/3/2021
Complaining in Portland is like a fine wine
I've lived on the East Coast, in the Southwest, and in Alaska, and in Oregon overall for a...
John | Milwaukie, OR | 1 Reply

- 1/26/2021
not safe anymore
lived in Portland all my life recently moved to Florida once they let rioters loose on the...
michael | Syracuse, NY | No Replies

- 1/12/2021
Hard No coming from NYC Native
I lived in NYC for 30 years and moved out here about 6 years ago. It was actually ok when ...
Lane | Portland, OR | No Replies

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