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Please Don't Move Here, We're Full
Star Rating - 3/24/2019
We're full. Got enough people already. Don't need to grow our population. Just need to let the roads catch up.
Heather | Encinitas, CA
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Just need to get rid of the ultra conservative right elements and Mr. Trump and his cronies... thank the so called liberals for one of the best standards of living in the country. To the ultra conservative right, I suggest that they move to the 'prosperous' southern states like Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana.... you get my drift....
G | San Clemente, CA | Report Abuse

- 6/28/2021
Best place on earth.
Born and raised here - been all around the country and world but California is unrivaled f...
John | Los Angeles, CA | No Replies

- 5/16/2021
Don’t Come Here
The people here are smugly dismissive, unempathetic, rude, the cost of living is outright ...
Vasudha | Redwood City, CA | 1 Reply

- 5/6/2018
This is amazing humans!!!!!
I am sure you like this and I do to you are as great as I am!!! Nyhehe!!!!!!??...
Sofia | Mountain House, CA | 3 Replies

- 12/7/2017
California the Pyrite State
The State of California has been historically the "Golden State" in recent history would b...
Samuel | Temecula, CA | 5 Replies

- 11/16/2017
Really nice place to live but housing market pricing has skyrocketed for rent and home pri...
Melissa | Boise City, ID | 1 Reply

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