Police Officer are not fair to the innocent

Star Rating 2/26/2013
My high end home in a very exclusive neighborhood home was broken into while I was going thru a divorce. Two armed men broke into my home and thank goodness that I had 2 dogs with me. One was trained as a guard dog and one was just a pet. The police did not take my situation serious at all. Their police dogs chased the scent to the end of my street stating that the men most likely had a car waiting for them. I could have been murdered that night if it was not for my dog. The police did not take any of my situation serious at all and that is due to they were friends with my then stepson. Heaven help anyone who needs a first responder police officer and hope you receive fair treatment. I am moving from Naples and I have been here for 30 years due to I do not feel at all safe in my own home due to the certain actions of my ex and the police that know him. My ex is massive pain medication drug abuser and they look away from that fact and never do anything about that situation. It is a pure shame for the rich men in this town can basically get away with murder.



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