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everyones gotta die some day red.
Star Rating - 6/29/2011
you want a job for more then 12 bucks a hour in harrisburg pa you got a couple of choices you can be a cop feel lucky?? or you can pay off a guy to get u a job at the mills i tried the mills nothing like working next to a 1932 x ray machine while u breath in metal dust all day long. plus you have to deal with union employees. this can be just as detrimental from the blood pressure medication u will be forced to get. currently at 12 bucks a hour driving a fork lift on a dock u can see some good mullets from the truck drivers. hey with those eeoc regs not alot left for men who work hard. love harrisburg nothing else quite like it.
tom | Marysville, PA
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- 7/6/2017
It's OK
I moved to Harrisburg right after college and have been here for about 6 years now. This c...
Erik | Mechanicsburg, PA | 1 Reply

- 12/1/2015
lifetime resident ready to move
Having lived here many years I've noticed that some people are very nice but most won't gi...
Dale | Harrisburg, PA | No Replies

- 6/4/2014
Not so friendly area....
I am a transplant to the area, moved here from Maryland a few years ago. I thought that t...
Tatertoo123 | Etters, PA | No Replies

- 2/17/2014
Harrisburg, PA
I live in Harrisburg, PA. I'm not a fan of Harrisburg or the northeast. I'm looking to re...
Nicole | Harrisburg, PA | No Replies

- 6/29/2011
what crime?? the news dont report it
its great being located right between baltimors new york and philadelphia i mean lots of o...
tom | Marysville, PA | No Replies

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