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Star Rating - 4/19/2010
A great place for freaks, weirdos, stoners, hippies, lesbians, criminals on the run and people from MA with second homes. Ever wonder where Shaggy from Scooby doo lives this is the place.

Yes the crime level is low but drugs are a big problem here that they don't report.

There are no Jobs here just take a look in the local paper on a Sunday "The Valley News".

Winters are brutal if you don't like the cold forget coming here, if you don't do the winter sports thing like Skiing you will spend 3 months + stuck inside.

House prices are very high for whats here also the same with utilities.

Near by Hanover NH is great if you're a poser with extra cash.

I can't wait to get out of here and back to civilization.
Good riddens WRJ.

Nigel | White River Junction, VT
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If you don't do the research before you relocate you deserve everything you get as far as dissatisfaction. No sympathy whatsoever, Nigel. Sounds like you're a poser and wannabe yourself, and therefore incapable of an objective review. It's clear to every reader here that your politics and social outlook are way too right of center for your own good. White River Junction is a lovely little town with a lot to offer everyone but those from the radical right. We like it that way and hope to keep it that way! Please move on Nigel -- do us all a favor.
Fred | White River Junction, VT
- 2/1/2010
Great place to be an unemployed stoner or on disab
WRJ is a void just like Lebanon. Simply put, if you want to live near NOTHING and pay just...
A resident | Bay Shore, NY | No Replies

- 3/31/2009
New England
Great New England town with access to hanover, NH and artmouth college. Terrific medical ...
Greg | White River Junction, VT | No Replies

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