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Californians relocating to Idaho
Star Rating - 8/9/2018
As one who relocated from central California to Boise several years ago, I would submit these suggestions to Californians for their edification:
(And, no, we didn't bring a ton of home equity with us to drive up local property prices. We moved here to escape the intolerable social and political environment that existed, and still exists, in California, that makes living there a nightmare for politically conservative/Republican people like us. Plus, we have close family here in Boise that we wanted to be near as we get up in years.)

1) Don't be running your mouths about being from California! Nobody wants to hear that, and you may find yourself on the receiving end of some choice language.
2) Get IDAHO plates and tags ASAP for your vehicle(s), as well as obtain an IDAHO driver's license, immediately after moving here. The local cops take a dim view of CA plates, especially if you get pulled over for speeding, and will not cut you any slack.
3) Do NOT wax eloquent on how great things were "down in Cali." This won't make you any friends, and you'll probably be asked why you still aren't living there.
4) Be careful to show the utmost courtesy and respect to others while you are driving. No gratuitous horn honking and/or showing people half a peace symbol as a demonstration of your displeasure or impatience with others. Yeah, I know some of the long-time residents drive like jerks, but that doesn't mean that YOU should.
5) Be very circumspect in expressing your political, social and religious views, ESPECIALLY if they run toward the liberal end of the spectrum. This is IDAHO, after all, not some left coast peoples' paradise. Statewide, Republicans outnumber Democrats 5 to 1 in the legislature, and 2 to 1 in voter registration, and people want it to stay that way. If you are a Bernie Sanders or HRC person, then you may want to reconsider your decision to move to Idaho.
6) Do NOT bad-mouth the Mormons, who comprise approximately 15-20% of the local religious population. That means that there is a 1 in 5 chance your careless words may insult someone whom you otherwise might really want to get to know better. FYI, I am NOT now, nor have I ever been, a member of the LDS organization, so please don't accuse me of being sympathetic to the Mormons. Be polite and respectful, as you would be to anyone else. This doesn't mean you have to gladly tolerate their over zealous proselytizing on Saturday mornings, though. Mormons make good neighbors, and hold to some very positive family values. Just saying.
7) Likewise, do NOT bad-mouth the local Boise State football team. During the fall season, the Broncos are the number ONE athletic draw here in southern Idaho, and have a very devoted local following. You may care less for college football; if so, keep it to yourself, thank you.
That's all that comes to mind for now. If I've missed anything, I'm sure that others will fill in my oversights. Cheers to one and all.
Philo | Fresno, CA
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Sam, thanks for posting. My family came from Texas into Californication when it was the land of milk & honey. My family & I are Reagan conservatives, & damned independent tradespeople. Californication is so liberal & looney, I can't talk honestly with anyone. I hope to see you in Idaho soon & I promise, we will be good neighbors
Howard | Oak View, CA | Report Abuse

Sam they (californians), won't take our advice . Most are too obstinate and programmed for mone and stuff and I got the bigger house than you and the whole power couple thing ( real estate agents esp awful). They are infesting the what use to be nice parts of Vegas on the outskirts Summerlin Henderson and have driven the prices up by 300 per cent as they sell their crappy Laguna beach Shack for 2 million dollars. Can't stand them. Not the economic issues so much but their incessant I'm more sophisticated than dumb Nevadans attitude. They are not friendly and very off putting. I am speaking in particular of the coastal elite types not the Central interior.
edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

Great post Sam. People moving need to adapt to the place they are moving to and not the other way around. I love Idaho and the people.
Rick | San Diego, CA | Report Abuse

Seems like good advice for anywhere you go Common sense is often anything but common
Paul | Summerlin South, NV | Report Abuse

Dear Sam, Thank you ever so much for your candid review. I have literally been searching like crazy for a place to move. But not just any place, somewhere my small family and myself can finally settle into, once and for all. I've been concentrating on Idaho as of late because I feel it just may be one of the few places left where I can raise my son in peace the way I see fit. I used to think that was Montana but the more I read, the less I like it, and that saddens me greatly. Unlike most arses from Crazyfornia I have absolutely no intention of moving somewhere just to turn around and try to change it to suit me. If a person can't have at least enough respect to have a "when in Rome" mindset then they should stay put. By this time there are hundreds of reasons for wanting to leave, my son's education, or lack thereof, is first and foremost. While I was fortunate enough to have my daughter attend private school the same cannot be said for my son. Several months ago he went from a school rated a 7 in Elk Grove to a school, or glorified daycare rather, in Fresno (where we were literally forced to move) that's rated a two or three. He had at least twice the amount and difficulty in homework in kindergarten than now, it's just pathetic. I always knew he was advanced, (his dad's IQ is 160, and my mother similarly), but his teacher has advised I get him out of the school, let alone the district. He reads at a third grade level but he is in first grade, and has only been for half the year. Anyway, I was already wondering how to sneak into Idaho with Cali plates bc there is absolutely nothing California about us, including our voting records. I know even my FFA and MJDOA stickers couldn't detract from the stigma that my Ca plates would bring. One of my closest and longest friendships is with an LDS man, I've no qualms with them. As for football, I'd be happy to exchange the Bulldogs sticker with a Broncos one! (Especially since the local gangs here have now taken on the Bulldogs name for themselves!). "This is IDAHO, after all, not some left coast peoples' paradise. Statewide, Republicans outnumber Democrats 5 to 1 in the legislature, and 2 to 1 in voter registration, and people want it to stay that way"....sounds like home to me...
Shaun | Fresno, CA | Report Abuse
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