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Lost its charm
Star Rating - 6/13/2021
I moved to Fort Collins in 1993. I loved it. People were friendly and it felt like a community. Now, it doesn't. The growth has created traffic problems that can not be solved because the town is too built up to add or widen roads. The cost of housing has skyrocketed, forcing many long term residents out of the community. There is a significant homeless population which was forced out of the down town area into other parts of town. It has a pretty downtown, lots of bike paths and is close to outdoor recreation but the trails are packed and bike paths are crowded. People aren't as friendly but they do like dogs. It is no longer affordable to live here unless you have a very good job. Even New Belgium an iconic micro brewery that made it big was sold to a foreign mega brewer. You might like Fort Collins if you move here (if you are upper middle class) but you would have liked it more ten years ago.
Kathleen | Bellvue, CO
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I think some of this is true. We've seen the growth in the 6 years we've lived here, but, desirable towns across the west are growing and becoming very expensive. I think in general the City is handling the growth well, (i.e. more parks, more open spaces, more amenities, etc.) but there are going to be growth pains as fort collins transitions into a small city. If you havent lived anywhere else in the west, you might think this is just happening in fort collins or Colorado, but it's not a localized issue.
mj | Erie, PA | Report Abuse
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