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Tampa is the Pits
Star Rating - 11/2/2007
Tampa used to be a much better place to live. It is now a "toilet" It is crime ridden, dirty and deteriorating rapidly. The roads can barely handle the constant influx of new "Floridians", and the wages are grossly inadequate with respect to the rapidly growing cost of living. Real estate speculation and "investors" have made it virtually impossible to buy a home here in Tampa. Unless of course, you want to buy an highly overpriced "fixer upper" in a less than desirable area. As for the weather, winter is mild, summer is oppressively hot and humid. Beach areas are slowly being gobbled up by developers and a day at the beach can be quite a costly endeavor.( parking,traffic etc...) I am biding my time until I can escape.
Ann | Wesley Chapel, FL
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Amen to that ann and I am also leaving this dump of a state dear .
katie ann | Clearwater, FL | Report Abuse

Tricia- I am in recruiting as well and I am considering relocation my family to the Tampa area from Mass. How is the recruiting industry down there?
eric | Medway, MA | Report Abuse

Having lived in different parts of the country, I would like to provide another side to this scenario. I have lived in the west, mid-west, south and east. All of these places have there pros and cons. If you have never lived in Arizona, due to the large movement of individuals from other places and developers, housing is no longer affordable. It is very hot 7 months out of the year and the wages are very low. I am in the Recruiting and Staffing Industry; the wages in comparison to what is going on in Arizona is unbelieveable.
Tricia | Dallas, TX | Report Abuse
- 9/26/2019
Eh, not terrible
I lived here during college and while it was kinda dirty and run down in the Fowler/Fletch...
CC | Binghamton, NY | 2 Replies

- 12/30/2018
If you're unhappy here, it's probably you.
I was born in Tampa, and while I've traveled extensively I've always come back to my homet...
Christopher | Brandon, FL | 3 Replies

- 8/25/2018
I should have done my homework...
Where to start. I haven't noticed a groundswell of anti-outsider sentiment because everyon...
Allizon | Land O Lakes, FL | 6 Replies

- 8/19/2018
Tampa is My Nirvana
Nirvana ... Shangri-La ... My heaven on Earth ... but beware the sinkholes! Must-See: H...
Tom | Battle Creek, MI | 1 Reply

- 4/26/2018
I don’t know what we were thinking.
Median salary here is $55K but average rent prices for a one bedroom start at $1200 for ma...
Christine | Riverview, FL | 3 Replies

- 3/14/2018
One of the best places to raise a family
Tampa offers year round opportunity for family fun! Beaches, Sports venues, outdoor concer...
Mark Z | Cheval, FL | 1 Reply

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