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BORING suburban sprawl
Star Rating - 3/27/2017
I am stuck here due to my husbands job and there isn't more than a week that goes by that I'm not in tears because of this. There was never a lot of character to Raleigh in the way other nearby cities have it (Savannah, Charleston, etc.) so everything remotely old is being torn down. Most places weren't worth preserving but now we're left with chains and mcmansions. It all looks the same and it all lacks imagination. Speaking of looking the same, people here are so conformist it seems like a comedy sketch. Same clothes, same hair cuts, same houses and same cars (this must be one of 4 Runners best markets) Southern people here are rude and nosey; Northern transplants are materialistic and gaudy. Its a city built on an office park and that's exactly what it feels like. People go from home to cars to cubes and back again. Everyone is all about their bad corporate jobs. (The job market, for the most part, is awful if you only have a college degree) I spend a crazy amount of time googling things to do and coming up short. I'm only happy when we go out of town. One more thing, the summers are the worst! I dread them every year. So hot, so humid and no where to swim. Its basically torture.
Rebecca | Raleigh, NC
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Suburbs for Soccer moms and Little league dads with the receding hairlines, bellies and hairy backs. those guys are made for the suburbs. Single needs cities. You don't need to go on Sperlings to know that all of NC is a no go zone for young and not so young singles looking for fun and nightlife. Let hairy backed Dad with 3 rugrats in tow live in soul crushing suburbia. PTA multitasking Walmart shopping mom fits well there too. One request though, please stop breeding.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

Rebecca Were you happy where you lived last ?? Just wondering
john | Springfield, MO | Report Abuse

Rebecca, you nailed it! I want to include one comment, however, about the weather in Raleigh. If you are yearning for the four seasons, forget it. The sun pierces its way through the clouds every single day. There is no weather variation whatsoever. Of course we all like some sun, but not everyday. And it is not a pleasant sun; it is very hot, blinding and intrusive. No thanks.
Matthew | Raleigh, NC | Report Abuse

One of North Carolina’s biggest problems is that the government’s here hate cities. They hate the whole idea of cities. So they try to make the cities they have as suburban as possible, and try to interject weird bits of rural life into the suburbs. The problem is, cities are where all the cool stuff happens. If you won’t allow your cities to be cities, then everything becomes bland and boring suburb.
V | Raleigh, NC | Report Abuse
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