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Star Rating - 11/16/2015
I was born and raised in FTC and I now have 2 children growing up here. When I was growing up Fort Collins was an amazing place to live. It was safe with a lot of fun activities for kids and families. There are still tons of things to do with the family or as a single person but it was WAY over populated (partial thanks to the stupid legalization of pot) and with rude rich college kids. It use to take 10-15 minutes to drive across town but now it can take 30 to 45 minutes. Not to mention in order to buy a home here you are looking at spending 250K and up for a nice 3 bedroom home in a good neighborhood. The jobs that are being created here only pay minimum wage and that does not keep up with the cost of living. Renting a home.... if you do that you wont have any money left over for savings to buy a house or have for a rainy day. A 3 bedroom home here is 1600 a month if not more. Although you will not hear of the crime and drug problem in the local paper there is a huge problem here with drugs not to mention at least one stabbing every weekend in downtown FTC. They have also made it legal to beg for money on the street corners now ( we did not have pan handling here until a year ago) now it is like driving in downtown Denver. Everyone and their damn dog wants a free hand out! After being a native here my family and I are looking to move somewhere else in the US but unfortunately I feel like this is going to be a difficult task.
Stefani | Fort Collins, CO
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Yes, it is going to be a task sorry to say. If you're unhappy in colorado then you're pretty much screwed. The rest of the US is worse. Until we kill liberalism in this country then every city will be like what you're complaining about, and much worse than in Fort Collins.
Chris | San Antonio, TX | Report Abuse

Sera, Liberalism may be DEFINED "by the desire for social safety nets, clean waters, and weekends", as you put it; but that is not what liberals actually accomplish. Liberals punish people who work hard and succeed in order to give free things to those who won't. As someone once said: "Liberalism tries to abolish the unequal blessings of liberty, by replacing it with the equal misery of all." So no more "judging" bad behavior... since no one is responsible for his/her behavior... it is ALWAYS the fault of someone else. Govern this way long enough... you get ugly neighborhoods and bitter people.
John | Seaside, CA | Report Abuse

replying to Sera- white cities like Denver and Ft Collins were nice until liberalism came a dumped drugs and brown people there. Colorado, like California, were, until recently, red states. not long after everyone is fleeing California... because it's Mexico and communist.
Bob | Morgantown, IN | Report Abuse
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