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Really Almost Heaven.
Star Rating - 1/2/2015
I have lived in the Eastern Panhandle area of WV for a little less than 3 years and I fell in love with the place. I have lived in urban areas all of my life, and I would never have imagined I could love the country so much. Yes, there is a lot of poverty here. There aren't many jobs. You will probably want to do most of your shopping, other than for food, on the internet.

On the other hand, DC is only 2 hours away with all the culture you could possibly want. People are increasingly able to work from home...if you have a portable job you can have the benefits of having an income and living very cheaply.

Physically speaking, it is a very beautiful state and property is very reasonable. With so many things available on the internet these days...from like minded friends, to entertainment, to virtually anything you may want to in WV does not have to mean deprivation. On the contrary, the low cost of living means you could travel more than if you were spending your money on rent or a mortgage.

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Wv just straight up sucks , Nothing to do , No jobs unless you want to work in fast food , cant find a decent place to live at a decent price , rent is more than my income , abandoned homes every were , Drugs every were Shootings And Stabbings almost every night , Alot of homeless people , Mostly cause rent is so high i would stay as far away from WV as i could
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- 2/23/2016
I want to lean things about my home town....
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- 6/20/2015
Browsing DIFFERENT locations in US
great website will be referring it to friends an family&Ect....
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- 10/25/2014
Avoid West Virginia !
Fact West Virginia Among the states with highest illiteracy rates in USA Among the state...
kathryn | Alexandria, VA | 3 Replies

- 8/27/2012
WV is refreshingly tranquil, and close to hip & ha
Cities rich with art & culture in WV are Shepherdstown, Berkeley Springs, Huntington, Cha...
Linzi | New Cumberland, WV | 1 Reply

- 8/7/2012
Montani Semper
Abhd | Los Gatos, CA | No Replies

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