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Not That Good Anymore
Star Rating - 5/6/2018
Until recently, I had lived in Fremont since the 1990's. It's very different now. The charm is gone. I liked Fremont up to about 2010 or so. Today, Fremont is just too crowded and expensive. Also, there has never been as many homeless in Fremont as there are now. The City of Fremont Council sold out to developers big time. They don't care about long time residents...only the money. The overdevelopment is one of the main reasons why Fremont lost its charm. That being said, Fremont is not an awful place, but it's nowhere near as nice as it was. The Bottom line, Fremont is an overgrown, expensive suburb, that is also relatively boring.
Joseph | Newark, CA
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- 6/17/2018
Could Have Been Great
Moved here in 2000 for work. Overall, it was pretty good back then. It had a nice diverse ...
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- 4/23/2018
still reviewing
still reviewing ...
wayne | Dover, DE | No Replies

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My hometown!
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- 9/7/2015
One of the safest areas in the bay area
The crime rates in Oakland and San Francisco are horrendous, especially property crimes. ...
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- 1/21/2012
One of the most diverse area in the state or as a matter of fact nationwide. Also, the cli...
Ghulam | Fremont, CA | No Replies

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