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Star Rating - 12/27/2014
Salem has very consistent weather throughout the year. Quite a bit of fog in the winter, and some rain, and little if any snow.
David | Salem, OR
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some rain???? how about 6 months of rain!!! The ground stays wet, muddy and soggy for the entire winter. And there are several cloudy, grey days that get down-right depressing. There's nothing worse than being cold and WET!!! This climate is ruining my horse's feet because he's standing in mud at least 6 months out of the year. My 2nd option would be to stick him in an indoor stall all winter but that's just cruel. Nope, not much snow but I guess I'd prefer sunny, dry and cold winter's to Salem's winters. I'm hoping to move over the Santiam Pass to central Oregon where it has my kind of climate....drier and sunnier!
Brenda | Salem, OR
- 4/20/2019
Rain and grey skies... That's Salem
Moved here five years ago for work. It was great at first but the rain and gray skies even...
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Someone on this site commented that they didn't understand why there were so many prisons ...
Mark | Salem, OR | 1 Reply

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Salem Rocks!
I moved to Salem in June 2010 with a friend. Unfortunately our friendship ended and I was'...
Mark | Salem, OR | 1 Reply

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