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Get out while you can
Star Rating - 6/25/2016
My family has been here since the late 1800's. Some of the earliest settler's. Raised in Napa I would of never thought that this town would turn in to the "arm pit of the Bay Area". If the don't get you...lack of water will.
Pat | Napa, CA
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lived here 6 years and in ne napa county in the forest. the bullshit politics, extremely violent crime on the rise, cost of living because of the name "napa", real estate prices (ridiculous), available amenities... no, thank you. and to retire here is a joke. the taxes alone will kill you. remember they tax EVERYTHING. your retirement included. why work your entire lifetime to pay someone so much of the money you earned, already paid taxes on and need for retirement. you need 1.2 million, yes MILLION in savings to retire here. average cost of a house is over 900k, and that's nothing fancy. the murder rate in 2019 is ridiculous, a lot of vallejo hoodrats have come to napa to do HUGE grab n go's from retail and in the meantime have hurt people that were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. multiple shootings, robberies and whatnot. it's ridiculous for such a small town.
beverly | Napa, CA
- 12/1/2019
Napa Has Become a Nightmare
My longtime Napa home burned to smithereens in 2017. That same night, a crazy stalker set ...
Kaanii | Napa, CA | No Replies

- 11/17/2019
Napa is changing
I’m a native Napa resident (55 years). The good: You can’t beat the weather. Winters ...
Otis | Napa, CA | No Replies

- 5/20/2017
Half the price of San Francisco and Silicon Valley
Napa is a very easy place to live, especially for those contemplating retirement. The pace...
Teri Buchanan Napa real estate agent | Napa, CA | No Replies

- 4/14/2015
Too expensive
Born and raised in Napa Valley unfortunatley will be looking to relocate to a different st...
ashley | Napa, CA | No Replies

- 3/3/2015
Napa, California
Napa is situated in a beautiful little valley world-renowned for it's wine and lifestyle. ...
Charles | Napa, CA | No Replies

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