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Dreaming of moving to Charleston, but worried I'm
Star Rating - 10/9/2014
My husband and I are sick of MI winters and are ready to move to the South. We fell in love with Charleston on a trip a few years ago. I literally have been dreaming of living there ever since (like many others.) I think we'd love the weather, beaches, recreational opportunities, music, art and theatre scene and the rich culture & history. And also the amazing restaurants! We were SO impressed with the top notch restaurants there! We are in our mid-thirties with a 1 and 4 yr. old and finding a good job won't be an issue (because I've spent hours on job boards and see there's not a ton but a few good job opportunities for us.) I see us living in Mt. Pleasant or maybe Daniel Island since some of the best K-12 schools are there. Our budget would be around $ 500k. However, I worry that because we're from the North and have a more moderate to liberal political perspective, that we might not fit in. Are we going to meet some like-minded young families in Mt. Pleasant? Or are we going to have a hard time meeting people? (We are both very active and outgoing and meet people easily!) Reading some of the reviews scare me...horrible bugs, Southerners being superficial to the Northerners, etc. The bugs I can deal with, it's more the people and fitting in I'm concerned with. I'm guessing it's like any place and it's what you make of it...and we'd probably find our niche just fine. But let me know your thoughts! :)
Jami | Brighton, MI
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I'm seeing your review a bit late, so if you've already moved, then I hope it worked out for you. I'm also from Michigan; the city of Pontiac, and have lived in SC for over twenty years now. I chose a job here as a trucker because my son and his mom were here. Well, he's grown and gone, and I'm still here... not by choice. I don't actually live in Charleston, but am situated a hundred miles away in Columbia. I do though, know enough to tell you that places like Charleston are excellent to visit, but you don't wanna live there. I'm just here because we 'bought things' and can't just pick up and move. My wife and I love the weather, but the culture and whatnot is geared to those of "southern heritage" and those from the north would eventually find it; if not immediately somewhat ignorant. In addition, natives are somewhat slow and lazy; you'll find that city, county, and state services are lacking. It's a good ole' boy network where housing inspectors and such just "look the other way" when it comes to things taken a bit more seriously and competently in the north. Good luck! I hope you make, or have made a wise and informed choice.
Brian | Columbia, SC | Report Abuse
- 8/2/2017
Highly educated city. traffic and parking is bad. university culture is nice, not sure abo...
Jaba | Ann Arbor, MI | No Replies

- 3/7/2017
Hope to like it more with time...
Uh, compared to my other favorite college towns this one lacks flavor. Safer and kinda pr...
Jason | Baltimore, MD | 3 Replies

- 2/18/2015
public transportation
Ann Arbor bus service (AATA) is quite good. The Detroit Metro Airport is only a 20 min. dr...
Laura | Ann Arbor, MI | No Replies

- 2/16/2015
Streets and
Streets and roads are third world. This is pothole city. It has been awful for 40 years an...
m.c. | Canton, MI | No Replies

- 7/14/2014
Summers: Bearable. Winters: Bearable.
The summers aren't great in Ann Arbor. They're drier than the south but not nearly as nice...
Matthew | Ann Arbor, MI | No Replies

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