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Cool City but Terrible People
Star Rating - 7/3/2020
So I’ve read some of the other reviews and it’s crazy that many of these people have the same impression as me. The city itself is not bad. Purchase prices for properties are reasonable, but rent prices are starting to get expensive. There are good restaurants, lots of lakes and outdoor nature, parks to go running or play basketball, proximity to the beach and other cities, etc. If you have to live here I say live in Seminole County, it is far better and friendlier. Now comes the bad news

In my experience, the people here have been absolute scum. If you are kind and friendly and positive or have something going for you, these gremlin Type jungle creatures of all races will do whatever is in their power to tear you down and destroy you. It is like they are the spawn of satan. Trash of all races. The only people here I could tolerate are the Brazilians and the Jamaicans, they were pretty cool plus the military community around lake Nona. Besides that- White trash galore, homeless people that live in the forests and congregate at the gas station and wal mart, in the good parts of town. Ghetto Puerto Rican’s. I’ve had to swallow my pride more than enough with them to avoid a fight, just to be profesional or obey the law. These people will stare at you like you’re a piece of meat and just keep staring with no regard for manners. And I’m a guy. I’ve been to Puerto Rico twice and love the people but not the ones that move to Orlando. These gremlin Type macho jungle creatures think they’re tough cause they go to LA Fitness and wear tank tops, and they seem like the type to abuse their wife, and blast their reggaeton everywhere. I’m Hispanic by the way so please don’t make this a race thing. Rude voo-doo practicing Haitians everywhere. Arrogant Venezuelans. You name the people, the bad ones from that group are here in Orlando.

I’ve experienced more negativity here in Two years, than I have in 25 years the rest of my life, having lived in 5 states and 8 cities. Miami people are friendlier than Orlando people. Lots of con artists and Scammers here. Toxic family situations. No manners. Racists of all different races. Don’t use craigslist if you live in Orlando. TRUST ME. Lots of mechanics who are not trustworthy and will screw you over. DO NOT go to a local mechanic here, better go to a profesional dealership and pay the more expensive rates there. It’s funny because the people are so trashy and scummy yet they have an arrogance like they are better than you. If you are kind hearted and friendly and kind they are nasty to you. I’m not the kind to just take it but unfortunately I’ve had to because these people Are so uncivil they may pull out a weapon like cowards Or God knows what they will do. Plus I don’t want legal problems. While driving taxi I’ve had Puerto Rican’s driving their car next to me trying to intimidate me, with their own damn mother driving the car. Stuff like this has happened all the time here. If you’re a young man be careful because the women here can be creepy and you never know who might falsely accuse you, etc.
The police in my experience have been very rude as well. Some of them like Nazis.

All this being said, it sucks because this city has so much potential. Geographically and landscape wise it is nice, there are good shops and restaurants, it’s not too big or dirty, good outdoor areas to walk or workout, but the people just ruin it. I tried saying for two years “there’s bad in all cities” and keep giving the place a chance, but after reading all these reviews that agree with me, and after meeting 3 positive individuals who said they were leaving to escape the negativity, God has given me enough signs to get out and never come back. If you are kind and used to southern hospitality, stay away, they will abuse you. Yet these evil gremlins will treat each other well. Just not you because I guess they feel threatened by good people. It’s disgusting. You will get so angry that you will consider swooping down to their level in retaliation, despite knowing it could land you in jail. Your anger will feel so intense that you’re okay with going to jail. Don’t do it, stay calm. Go to a friendlier place and let God give them their karma. Also, stay away from the Conway and Curry Ford area. Ghetto as hell, though it doesn’t look terrible from the outside. My barber was a nice Puerto Rican man and the other Puerto Rican’s in the shop tried to stab him one time, because he got upset with them for having weed in the barber shop. They drove him out of town. At my apartments there were calls for domestic violence and I remember it was the woman beating the man lol. My place was haunted. Management was dishonest and I was stolen from twice. I drive taxi in pine hills and all over, and I prefer the pine hills area to this area.

Sorry but I had to be honest, I am leaving here soon.
Kevin | San Antonio, TX
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