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This city is a nightmare with a makeover
Star Rating - 10/11/2017
I must say. This city is the biggest, in the small state of SC. It has had an upgrade or makeover to fool you, asthetically. Just like the fake majority of people that occupy it. It is the center of the Bible regards to the cult of Southern Baptist religion. Bob Jones University for starters. Bob Jones the 3 was caught quoting in the past few years. "Gays should be stoned to death." The state ranks in lowest in education for starters. Amongst other horror statics it excels in the lowest. However, highest in double the nation to women dying to men. The small town mindset of people is a horror movie like, Deliverance. They stare and gossip with an old school slave mentality. They are big believers in their, ignorance and generational abuses passed down. The area people raved about was as if it were...Naperville, IL or Beverly Hills. The Augusta Road area...Which, is extremly disturbing. The schools like Furman. Graduates act like they attended an Ivy Leage.It's cheap to live there.Exactly, what your getting in qulaity of life. The racism, relgion, republican majority based, delusional thinking, extremly not cultured, or intelligent minded. Will make you feel in slaved to the day's of the witch trails, slave days, or delusional ego's as Hitler's. They have companies that chose the city. Due to cheap and avilable land. Also, convient in transporting and low overture cost. The only thing that kepy my sanity for the 4 months. Was the city of Asheville, NC. My friends and family kept assiting to visit me. However, I did not want them exposed to the majority of people living in it. My sister, brother and best friends made a suprise visit. It took them an hour by walking in the downtown to see the horror show. Everything that is wrong with our current state of America is made of this population. There are a few people I mean't that had to move back due to family, etc...That shared my common insight and had to deal with it for way longer. Also, other's new to the city as myself. We all had the same ultimate fix for it. To make the best of it by going to Atlanta, Asheville, and Nashville on the weekends. Kept us sane and then moved asap. Never, will I go back or recommend this city to anyone. Not even my worst enemy. For those friends I made that had to come back. They have the same plan and to find a resolution for taking care of family members. By moving them as well.
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Idk what you did in Greenville but youre dead wrong about the people and about the city in general. I have been all around the country but I have lived in Greenville all my life and i know damn well that the racisim there is no where near as bad as anywhere else i have been. Most strangers are extremely polite, there are many great restaurants that have great service, good food and atmosphere. You said you went to Atlanta and Nashville but those two cities are some of the worst i have ever been to. Literally both are a hell hole. And Greenville isnt the only place there, there are alot of attractions in the upstate and and natural hot spots to see there. It seems like you literally went nowhere but Main St. Downtown and didnt expand the possibilities of the many things you can do there. This review is more of a reflection of yourself than the city. You failed yourself by not expressing the exciting opportunites there are in Greenville.
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Bob Jones University is a non factor in the Greenville/Spartanburg metropolitan area that is approaching 1 million population. This isn't 1980. SC's public schools ranked 35th in the nation. California ranked 28th. Asheville NC houses just as many racists as Greenville SC. Atlanta and Nashville are both horrid when it comes to racial tention, violent crime, poor educational rankings, etc when compared to Greenville SC. You obviously are a DNC partisan cheerleader, which is just as bad as a GOP partisan cheerleader in my opinion. If you are looking for a population that is prominently DNC cheerleaders, have fun in some of the worst cities in the US. Greenville has a good mix of liberal and conservative and many more people that lean libertarian than you think.
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Yes... largely agree. I have lived here for about 2 decades and it is a horror show in many ways. It has improved in some ways, and I think you are being somewhat hyperbolic for effect, but then I would too. There are progressive (not the same as democrats or many liberals so none of this dnc cheerleader bs i see in the comment below) minded, cultured people here and libertarian rational people, but they tend to be pocketed away amongst 1:20 on bad days or areas and 1:10 on good days ratio and therefore, hard to find. I have had to make peace with the reality that I will be here awhile longer. But it sucks. But what you said about the façade I really strongly agree with. It is one of the things that bothers me the most here. And the awful disparity on an economic level is terrible, and this area does not offer ways to ease the path from lower middle class and lower class to stability. The public transit is terrible, the roads are terrible, the offering for those struggling is just so small as to be non-existent. There is a lot of hidden despair that gets buried under the façade of new shopping complexes and a kind of half assed renovation of downtown and some uber wealthy. I think that the people that are being defensive probably have too little familiarity and up close experience with the high levels of despair and disparity. This is true of supposed liberals in the area too. This is not just a "conservative" blindness.
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