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High School Drugs
Star Rating - 9/9/2015
El Dorado Hills is a nice place to live and there are a lot of Neo-Rich folks here if you like that kind of crowd. But be warned if you are a parent with high school aged kids. You will be exposing them to the drug infested and pot smoking environment of Oak Ridge High School. Depending on where you live in El Dorado Hills, Oak Ridge HS is the only game in town for your child to attend HS. The problem is too many kids with big allowances that can afford to purchase a multitude of drugs at the HS. Not really sure how that gets by the school administration or the school resource officer, but it does. Anyway, you take your chances when sending your kids to Oak Ridge HS.
John | El Dorado Hills, CA
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How sad that the school officials and community have their heads buried in the sand.
Pietro | Long Beach, CA
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