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Star Rating - 7/6/2009
I moved to Fort Worth from Wisconsin in search of a warmer winter and a comfortable life. I've gotten the warmer winter, but I don't dig the lifestyle here very much. It's too country and conservative for my blood. I'm from Madison, a relatively liberal city, so coming to Fort Worth was quite the culture shock. I like Fort Worth's downtown area. I think it's very nice and clean. The Stockyards is a cute novelty at first, but gets old after a while, especially if you aren't into cowboys and country music (I'm not). The city has some beautiful neighborhoods, but it also has some terrible neighborhoods, and they aren't separated by much. Climate change is causing the summers to be hotter and drier than ever. It's not very scenic anywhere. The people who are so in love with Texas drive me crazy, but probably not as much as the evangelical Christians that are everywhere thumping their bibles or the arrogant men wearing their Wranglers, chewing their tobacco and driving their SUVs everywhere. Seems people are into religion and making money. All I ever hear about are churches and how cheap it is to live here. Cheap, sure, but worth it? I don't think so. I'm moving to California, where it's more expensive, but has better weather, scenery and liberalism.
Kevin | Fort Worth, TX
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Darren, I'm not a huge fan of extreme liberals, but creepy religious weirdos like you scare me much more. Please stay away from me with your guns and bible when you pass me in Fort Worth unless you want them shoved where the sun don't shine.
B | Omaha, NE | Report Abuse

I wish people wouldn't bring politics into city discussions. It's not like the democrats and republicans walk around with nametags identifying their affiliation. Instead of using discussion boards like this to divide yourself from people who you may disagree with, maybe it would be better to focus on what with which you agree. I'm a liberal from California who prefers Texas. The people there are more conservative and religious than I am, but so what? They're nicer, too. They don't drive like they're at war and you're the enemy, like they do in California. People smile and say hello, offer help on a regular basis and seem to like you until they are given a reason not to. Dallas-Fort Worth for such big cities are incredibly friendly, friendlier than any small town in California. The poor parts of town don't come close to how bad much of southern California is. It's more humid but the sun isn't as oppressive as it is in CA. There's no mountains or beaches, but there is beautiful green prairie. And for sporting events, D-FW beats every single city in California. Pro football, baseball and basketball all in the Metroplex. The closest you get to that in CA is the Bay Area, and you have to risk your life in Oakland to watch an NBA game. California is great in theory; but disappointing in execution. I love liberal idealism, but common sense (but compassionate) conservatism has its place; too.
frank | Kennewick, WA | Report Abuse

Conservative places like Fort Worth are fitting for me. And I like the "Bible thumper" atmosphere, because I am an evangelical Christian. My, how different worlds we must come from even though we both come from the Midwest. A cant stand liberalism: it doesnt support freedom of speech nearly as much as U think, it labels people, wants to take your right to bear arms away, looks down on "typical" people, is against traditional american values, and sees marriage as an institution between one man and one woman, as it should be. Knock yourself out in California, the land of fruits, nuts and flakes.
Darren | Phoenix, AZ | Report Abuse

I am a rare conservative Californian and if you liberalism than move to California. Be prepared for high crime in the big cities, taxes and more taxes, traffic everywhere and neighbors that will rarely say hello to you. This was once the Golden state and it's now the rust state .
Christian | Corona, CA | Report Abuse

If you love liberalism, California is great for you. See where liberalism gets you. California is a beautiful state, maybe the most beautiful in the nation, but sadly it has been bankrupt due to corrupt liberal policy and thought. Maybe you should try DC. You would fit right in. Fort Worth sounds like a great place for me. I visited last year and loved it.
Steve | Alexandria, VA | Report Abuse
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