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Prescott is full of Charm and Magic
Star Rating - 3/15/2019
Good Morning ...
I have been reading these reviews and from the verbiage, most of the opinions are from the younger population and are stupid. If someone is talking about housing and apartments being very expensive and are referencing a studio apt or a one bedroom ... they need to move to another city. Apples and Oranges. Prescott prices and appeal are on the scale of Sedona and Scottsdale. Rents down in the Phoenix Area are just as high or higher than Prescott. Rents ... trend with the price of homes. Average homes in Prescott Valley, on the low side, run between $250,000 to $350,000. Prices in Prescott, on the low side, run between $400,000 to $600,000 all day long. Someone said $800,000 was the average price of a home in Prescott. They are totally incorrect. I am a Realtor in Prescott and know the actual prices of homes. Both cities are different cities. No connection. Prescott has the Cabin in the Pines Appeal, high-end Golf Resorts and the Historical Downtown Whiskey Row at the Courthouse Square. There is a lot of money in Prescott with a lot of homes ranging from $1 million upwards to $3 million.
The Sweet Spot is between $400,000 to $600,000 to purchase a home.
Prescott is a highly-favorable Baby Boomer destination because it is a quaint and charming small town full of activities to enjoy. It is not a cookie-cutter town and every home was custom built. Drugs everywhere? Give me a break. 50% of the demographics in Prescott is the Over 50 Crowd ... and they don't do the Drug Scene anymore. We all were children of the 60's. I have been here for 3 years and have never run into drugs. Every town in America has the younger generation doing drugs. Someone said this is not a friendly town in which to meet people? Seriously? One just walks around the Square or walk into the shops and one will meet 4-5 people in just over an hour. Everyone is happy and glad to be in Prescott. Negativity breeds negativity. Someone said Prescott was hot in the Summer? Again, 80 degrees is not hot. I moved up from Scottsdale and Phoenix ... that is hot. One doesn't need air conditioning for most of the Summer and the nights cool down, like in California, and one opens the windows. When it is 115 degrees in Phoenix ... it might be around 100 degrees in Prescott. One turns the AC on in the late afternoon 3-6 to cool down the house and then turns it off. After sundown, the temperatures drop. One only uses the AC in the late part of August. Brian references companies cutting back on water usage? Incorrect. Restaurants and business are not cutting back on water in Prescott.
Prescott has strong water. Brian references the Major Highways are overcrowded during 3:30 to 7:00? Obviously, it goes to the definition of 'overcrowded'. Obviously, Brian has never driven in the Phoenix freeways nor in California. There is more traffic holdup in Prescott Valley due to the stop lights not being timed to flow traffic along.
Probably, on purpose to slow down the tourists coming up from the Metro Phoenix to come to Prescott for the weekend. It is 10-12 minutes, in the congested traffic, to drive from Costco to the Prescott Square. Most everything is 15 minutes away to go shopping. There is art, theater, symphony, festivals, good shopping, car clubs, music and good restaurants. Prescott is a delightful town for us Baby Boomers ... and lots of Boomers are coming out from California, the Midwest and from Metro Phoenix. The sun shines bright most days, blue skies and the clouds are so billowing and 'close' ... one feels one could reach up and pull one down. It is a "Hallmark-type movie" town.
Suzy | Prescott, AZ
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I've been in PV since 2000. This place has gone from small town to carry city in about 15 years. You can say what you want about the youth and drugs but it's true. This place was once the meth capital in AZ. Say what you want though for sales in your business. I work for the newspaper for 9 years and they refused to publish anything that have this town a bad rep. From drug bust, to the dude that raped 12 women downtown, or the other countless crimes that were never published. So please don't talk like to know the history of this town from being here for 3 years.
Chris | Prescott Valley, AZ

Our main way to get to Phoenix is I-17 which has not really been expanded since it was built prior to 1965. Driving on is horrible and it's a dangerous highway. There are not many police patrolling the freeway. If there is an accident they usually close the whole freeway down causing up to 2-3+ hours wait. This is not uncommon and can happen either way at any time. There is NOT a lot of golf courses here to chose from unless you join one of the private courses which are very expensive. Water is one issue the politicians seem to avoid or ignore. We live in the desert and Prescott is already given permits for another 10,000 houses to be built here. We already have overcrowded roads in town and it's getting really bad, gridlock. What will happen when all these new homes are built? Our city council is usually made up of real estate people and construction people so they OK all growth. Real estate taxes are not bad but every other tax is high. License plates just got a $35.00 surcharge for?? In the last few years sales tax has gone up to almost 10%. The county attorney is a nut case stating alcohol is much better than Medical Marijuana. We are paying a surtax because of past mistakes and plain incompetence from prior city councils not funding retirement funds. So poor city management is common here. Now Chino Valley and Prescott Valley are all giving out building permits like candy. We may end up with 30,000 more houses before they are through expanding. At that time you will be able to buy my house so I can get out of here.
Dennis | Prescott, AZ

I enjoyed your review. My wife and I will be visiting Prescott in the next couple of months to check it out for my retirement. It would be helpful to have a real estate agent show us some homes. Can I get your contact info to help us in our search. Thanks
Glenn | Mission Viejo, CA

Sounds great! We are considering relocating to Prescott or Prescott Valley. Which of these 2 areas is better for a inter-racial, conservative, Christian retired couple? How many months can you swim outdoors in an unheated pool? We are conservative, Republican Christians and very politically-minded; I am Caucasian and my wife is from the Philippines. How do you think we will fit into the culture? We are from the east and enjoy a green lawn with lots of flowers and vegetables. Is there water rationing laws there?
Ron | Cary, NC
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