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Great place for outdoorsmen. - 4/19/2020
I’m writing from the perspective of a younger retiree escaping high taxes, high crime, gangs, graffiti, outrageous gas prices, overcrowding, nightmarish traffic, gun grabbing politicians, a polluted ocean and sensory overload.
To me, Prescott is a dream come true. Now, I don’t have a family, don’t rent and am no longer working so I can’t speak to those issues, as it seems younger people have a harder time here. But I can tell you, coming from the above environment, Prescott seems to be a great place to enjoy the clean air, hiking, fishing, biking, gardening and socializing. There is a very nice performing arts center if music and theater are your thing, and an event center in Prescott Valley where you can see sports, gun shows, home and garden/RV, etc. no town is perfect and Prescott is no different as it is having growing pains. You will not see (or see virtually no)gangs, graffiti, traffic gridlock, polluted air, high property taxes (sales tax is comparable to Los Read More

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Balanced Review - Pros and Cons - 2/6/2020
Over 10+ years of living here in Prescott, AZ. No place is perfect and there are plenty of bad places to live. Here are the PROS and CONS:

* Good paying jobs are VERY difficult to find. Most jobs will be in construction, healthcare, food, service industry, hotel industry, big box stores, etc. Forget about IT jobs, high paying skilled labor jobs, business jobs, large companies, etc. This is a retirement & tourist town so that is where the jobs will be (healthcare & hospitality). Average median household salary is around $28k year (compared to $63k avg for USA).
* Cost of living is high. Housing is very expensive (mainly due to California transplants & their dollar exchange rate) and apartments are scarce and very expensive. 90% of the workforce doesn't even live in Prescott. They live in Prescott Valley, Chino Valley/Paulden and Dewey and drive into Prescott to work. This also contributes to the roadways being overwhelmed with traffic. Although they are Read More
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Not for Families - 8/2/2019
Prescott is a great place to live if you are a retired professional (i.e. doctor, lawyer, etc). If you have a family it is horrible. Houses are unaffordable (you can get a very small dump to live in for $200,00 +), the salaries do not match the cost of living, the school systems are sub-par (the school curriculum was 1-2 years behind from where we came from in the midwest), public education for 3 kids cost me over a $1,000 to enroll them this year (this is not the money they take out of my paycheck for taxes. That came out of my checking account.), sales tax is almost 10% and there is hardly anything to do for families. The police spend too much time policing the downtown area for parking tickets/minor traffic problems and take a long time to arrive at any real emergency. I guess if you are coming from CA you don't see anything wrong with this, but coming from the midwest I literally hate living here. Read More

My wife and I have lived here now for almost 15 years. We moved from Scottsdale (Phoenix area) and have never looked back. Here's why Prescott is so good: Mild four seasons; easy access (1.5-2 hours) to a major metropolitan area (Phoenix) by freeway all the way; friendly people; decent enough shopping and restaurants and not expensive; conservative (generally) populace; no nonsense approach to crime and, therefore, there is little of it; laid back attitude; most people here don't care too much about what is going on politically in DC nor have any fear of unrest. Suffice it to say, this is a great place to live and do your thing; enjoy life the way you want to; without anyone questioning you.  Read More

Prescott is full of Charm and Magic - 3/15/2019
Good Morning ...
I have been reading these reviews and from the verbiage, most of the opinions are from the younger population and are stupid. If someone is talking about housing and apartments being very expensive and are referencing a studio apt or a one bedroom ... they need to move to another city. Apples and Oranges. Prescott prices and appeal are on the scale of Sedona and Scottsdale. Rents down in the Phoenix Area are just as high or higher than Prescott. Rents ... trend with the price of homes. Average homes in Prescott Valley, on the low side, run between $250,000 to $350,000. Prices in Prescott, on the low side, run between $400,000 to $600,000 all day long. Someone said $800,000 was the average price of a home in Prescott. They are totally incorrect. I am a Realtor in Prescott and know the actual prices of homes. Both cities are different cities. No connection. Prescott has the Cabin in the Pines Appeal, high-end Golf Resorts and the Historical Downtown Read More

Do your homework before you come to Prescott - 11/17/2018
I have live in Prescott since October of 2015 and my experience here has been mix. I would lean more on the negative than anything else. For one, this town is the worse for dating and meeting women and people in general. If you enjoy going to the bars then maybe you will have some luck or go online, but the quality of women is horrible. Most are single mothers out here that have had kids from multiple fathers. Many have high expectations considering what little they have to offer. Most are average at best. The ones that are decent looking are either getting knocked up at 18 or have already left town for the bigger cities ( can't blame them). The ones in their 20's and even 30's seem already busy with kids from multiple men and are delusional of what kind of man they can attract. Jobs are another issue. Unless your going get something with the city or at the hospital (and by the way, good luck) more than likely you will be working food and retail. Most only want to to pay min. wage Read More

Cons outweigh the pros - 10/29/2018
Pros-Prescott scenery is nice. Two casinos. There is Prescott National Forest, several lakes for boating and fishing only, no swimming. Lots of hiking trails and camping areas. Not far from Flagstaff Arizona and Grand Canyon. Plenty of mom and pop eateries and bars. Temperature is more moderate than desert areas. Glad there are 3 Walmarts in the area because food cost is ridiculous at Safeway and the other major grocery stores. There is also a costco. Cons-cost of living is high especially real estate. There has been a boom in housing in the past 10 years. Example- Millionaires from California have sold their homes for 1 million and came here bought a house for half of that and bank or invest the rest. More cons- Transplanted Californians who act like, well Californians. They tailgate, won't give pedestrians the right of way and speed like they are on a California freeway. Unfortunately their insane driving has rubbed off on other people. People who do rolling stops is real bad, Read More

First Impressions. - 7/13/2018
Good place to visit if your interested in hiking and leisure activities like shopping, antique hunting, indian jewelry etc. Food is average. Not a place for singles. You don't see many young people roaming about. Real estate is overpriced due to influx of retirees, I think from California. Not a place to settle down unless you are upper middle class for sure. Diversity is lacking as is a major Read More

A great place to live in the high elevation of AZ - 6/21/2018
I was born in Scottsdale, AZ. Having lived in the western United States my whole life, and having travelled around the continent as well, I consider Prescott to be a great place, after recently living here. Prescott has been growing lately, but it still has a small town, friendly feel. There are plenty of fun things to do. Being close to the incredibly beautiful region of northern Arizona, the outdoor enthusiast will thrive here. You have desert and forest in Prescott, swimming in Sedona, and plenty of snow in Flagstaff, all within an hour and a half of driving. The food and drink scene in Prescott is surprisingly good too. Health conscious people will not feel out of place. Also- the Granite Dells are a stunning piece of natural beauty, that everyone should at least look into seeing someday. The only down sides to Prescott, in my opinion, are that it is experiencing a nasty drought, but monsoons in the warm season, as well as snow in the cold season, help out a little at least. The Read More

Prescott Financial Trouble - 1/17/2018
Prescott appears to be in financial trouble. The city is over $80 million in debt because of backed up pensions. Prescott has had to close several schools, close fire stations, lay off firemen and policemen. They have had to reduce hours at the public library and lay off other city employees. As I speak, the new owners are demolishing the historic Miller Valley School built over 100 years ago, to build who knows what. Prescott has a shortage of (among other things) doctors, schools, and good Read More
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1066 Grazer Ln
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1066 Grazer Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2

819 Royal Tulips St
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819 Royal Tulips St
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