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Star Rating - 5/20/2018
I am from a military family and served my time in the service as well. I have lived in many different places and travelled to hundreds more throughout the USA and overseas. I’ve experienced many different climates and cultures.

Tyler has a lot of things going for it but unfortunately it has a few problems which for me are insurmountable and cause me to look forward to relocation.

The pros:
Low cost of living, cheap housing, and low crime rate.
Awesome medical facilities
Awesome hunting and fishing
Very much a family friendly atmosphere and decent schools
Generally friendly people but very cliquish
Nice Fall and comfortable Winters
Easy to get around, minimal traffic
Very green and pretty. Wild flowers are amazing in the Spring!
Good fried catfish, chicken fried steak and BBQ

The Cons:
Very Humid and BUGGY all year round
Very Humid AND HOT in the Summer - Like a sauna!
Poor restaurant choices outside of chain restaurants
No decent ethnic restaurant choices - Chinese, Greek, Italian, Jewish.
Not a single Delicatessen in town
Poor grocery choices, Walmart or the local chain is about it
Not a lot to do except hunt and fish or go to the lake
Lots of rain in the Winter, Spring and Summer too
Occasional hurricane makes it’s way up here
Deplorable airline service, plan on driving to Dallas to travel.

As you can probably tell, I prefer a dryer, cooler, less buggy climate. But, if you can tolerate the heat and humidity AND you like to hunt, fish or hang out at the lake, I would say Tyler is Good place to “hang your hat”. If not then you may find yourself looking elsewhere.

Eugene | Prescott, AZ
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This person means tornadoes instead of hurricanes, since hurricanes only form on the ocean.
Helene | Dallas, TX | Report Abuse

Thank you very much for this summary - you just saved me a lot of research! Herbert H.
Herbert | San Marcos, CA | Report Abuse

Well, I'm from Florida which was humid and buggy too so this isn't much different there. Except, Florida had few of the pros... It was wall-to-wall people and NO rural areas at all... Here there are very nice rural areas. The people are about the same. I think a little bit nicer here... Everywhere there are going to be problems and some of those above are because it is a small city. There was no rain last summer. Of course, there was a ton of snow this winter... which was challenging. Overall, I like it and its near my grandchildren which is an added bonus.
Laura | Davenport, FL | Report Abuse
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