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Not Surprised Mother Fers
Star Rating - 10/28/2019
Developers are going all in on Stockton lately and home prices are rising there for a reason as a result. Still quite a shady and corrupt city council as is their history but the Police Department is run by a progressive chief that has the crime going in the right direction, but still not enough as Stockton is still quite violent. Education is growing in the city but still lagging behind due to the crime problems. Just an unfortunate culture of familial criminality that gets passed on generation to generation that is tough to combat no matter who's running the city. But there is slow, steady progress starting to spring up in Stockton.
Mike | Stockton, CA
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- 7/5/2021
Roveto | Stockton, CA | No Replies

- 10/31/2020
Screw Stockton.
Since living here, i have been subjected to several hate crimes, and for NO REASON. spent...
M | Stockton, CA | No Replies

- 6/9/2020
Stockton - Good if you live in the right area
I’ve lived in Stockton, CA for 10 of the last 11 years. I’ve lived in Sacramento, Vacavill...
Mark | Stockton, CA | No Replies

- 2/12/2020
Absolutely horrible place to raise a family
I have lived in Stockton for most my adult life. It is a HORRIBLE place to raise your kids...
SARAH | Stockton, CA | 1 Reply

- 1/30/2020
Some people will love it, others will hate it
I personally think the pros outweigh the cons, but the cons are really really bad. Almost ...
Matt | Redwood City, CA | No Replies

- 10/30/2019
Stockton is home
I moved to Stockton from Lodi. I love it. The people are nice, we moved from a "BORING" tr...
Tomas | Stockton, CA | No Replies

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