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Star Rating - 2/14/2016
I was born & raised on a tiny island several miles from the town of Kodiak, AK. When I returned (for 7 years), I raised my 3 kids there by myself. I had to work 3 jobs/7 days & nites a week in order for us to survive. Lost my home on the ocean as I couldn't afford the monthly payments after my EX left town. Moved into a tiny 2 bdrm home and paid very high rent for a number of years before I realized that I was missing time with my children by working non-stop in order to live there. Moved out of State to a place more affordable. As much as I love that island, I certainly wouldn't suggest a single Mother move there if she is planning on living alone without another income in the household. It's simply not worth what your children have to go thru without their Mother at home.
Trisha | Smartville, CA
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Arts and outdoor opportunities in Kodiak
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Cost of living.
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Kodiak Climate
Maritime climate, high humidity. If your house is shaded, it will grow moss. Best months...
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